Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Knights Sweep French Knowledge Bowl

Mount Michael's French students recently participated at the annual French Convention held at Millard South where they swept 1st place on all 5 levels of competition in the Knowledge Bowl.  In the Culture Bowl Mount Michael placed 2nd & 3rd. The Knight also received awards in numerous individual competitions.

Knowledge Bowl:

Level One, 1st Place: 
Temi Adeyemo, Sebastian Alegrett, Patrick Collins, Levi Kicken, Daniel Davies, Kevin Zhang.

Level Two, 1st Place:  
Armel Mignondje, Joe Countryman, Temi Adeyemo, Patrick Collins, Daniel Davies, Levi Kicken.

Level Three, 1st Place:
Daniel Jewel, Ian Price, Nicholas Vetter, Emmet Kenney, Jordan Nguyen, Sebastian Alegrett.

Level Four, 1st Place: 
Connor Kenney, David Recic, Daniel Jewell, Ian Price, Cayden Cribbs, Armel Mignondje, Joey Recker.

Level Five, 1st Place: 
Connor Kenney, David Recic, Daniel Jewell, Ian Price, Cayden Cribbs, Joey Recker, Levi Kicken.

Culture Bowl:

Team #1, 2nd Place:
Alexis Ruessmann, Armel Mignondje, Riley Druse, Thomas Weekly, Kyeongmin Kim.

Team #2, 3rd Place:
Connor Kenney, David Recic, Patrick Fayad, Andrew Shellberg, Eric Zhang.

Individual Competitions:

French Waiters’ Race
1st Place: Jeremy Panzar and Matthew Winters

Spelling Bee Levels 3-5
1st Place: Connor Kenney
2nd Place: David Recic
3rd Place: Ian Price

Spelling Bee Levels 1-2
1st Place: Tie Patrick Fayad and Andrew Shellberg

French Themed Projects
2nd Place: Thomas Weekly – The Prison of the Bastille

French Themed Poster
2nd Place: Kyeongmin Kim

Poetry Competition


Level 1
Très Bien:  (Leo) Li and Andrew Schneider

Level 2
Supérieur: Benjamin Bies; Armel Mignondje; Jordan Nygunen ; and Joey Recker

Excellent : Scott Ching

Très Bien: Jinseok Jin and Christian Mikuliez

Bien : Emmet Kenney ; Riley Kruse ; Jackson Panzar ; Jack Sun ; Tomas Weekly ; Matthew Winters; and Eric Zhang

Native Speaker 

       Supérieur: Patrick Fayad and Alexis Ruessmann

       Excellent : Jean-Marie Djidjoho

La Cuisine Competition

Excellent Joey Recker   des crêpes simples

Très Bien Christian Miculiz une tarte aux pommes

Très Bien Jackson Panzer des crêpes simples

Très Bien Donovan Clements des pares-barest/pastry