Friday, May 11, 2012

Class of 2012 - Fifty-eight New Alumni

The Mount Michael Benedictine School Class of 2012 is the largest graduating class in the school’s history.  The class is composed of 58 young men, exceeding the previous high of 46 of last year’s class. The average  ACT score for this class  is 28 (27.7). The average ACT score over the last 5 years is 28 (27.9).

The 58 young men of the Class of 2012 were accepted for admission to 59 colleges in 25 states.  They will be attending 26 colleges in 15 different states; 59% out-of-state and 47% in private colleges. 

Students who  were awarded some kind of scholarship totaled 76% of the students and 66% have accepted scholarships to the college they plan to attend in the fall.

The Class of 2012 was offered $ 5,842,864 of scholarship money and they will utilize $ 2,345,840 (40%) of the scholarship money offered.  Both of these totals are record amounts for Mount Michael Benedictine School.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wayne State Math Contest Results:

Wayne State Math Contest Results: Congratulations Knights

Algebra 2
1st Place: Young-Joon Park
2nd Place: Brian Kim
1st Place: Jonathan Collins
5th Place Josh Adams
1st Place Yoon Ho Kim (Tie)
7th Place Tony Gao
1st Place John Choi
3rd Place Albert Park

National Language Exam Results

National Spanish Exam
Gold 95th-100th Percentile
Josh Adams, Marcus Cronin, Cameron Engel, Thomas Kalil
Silver 85th-94th Percentile
Matt Bohnhoff, David Choi, Jin Seo Kim, Jared Mikuls, Young Joon Park, Lucas Tucker, Andrew Johannes, Lukas Buehler, Hyo Bin Im, Songa Rugangazi, Joseph Stellato
Bronze 75-84th Percentile
Cameron Bretsen, Rowan Gruber, Eun Woo Jee, Andrew Pace, Ryan Degener, Harrison Homan, Alex Hynes, John Mikulicz, Kyle Silke, Griffin Willer, Marty Anderson, Peter DeWald, Paul Kujawa, Nate Van Haute
State Medalists
Freshmen: Bronze Medalists, Marcus Cronin 4th, Josh Adams 5th, Harrison Homan 3rd, Jonathan Alvine 5th
Sophomores: Gold Medalist 1st: Thomas Kalil, Silver Medalist 2nd: Cameron Engel, Bronze Medalists:4th Andrew Johannes, 5th Ryan Degener.

National French Exam
Freshmen 1A
Jacob Peffer 1st State; 2nd National
Jonathan Collins 2nd State; 3rd National
Moonsup Kim 5th State; 5th National
Keenan Reilly 5th State; 6th National
Alex Hotovy 10th State; 12th National
Freshmen 1B (Outside Experience)
Sam Hiemerman 8th State; National 8th
Sophomore 2A
Will Sleddens 1st State; National 8th
Collin Donahue 2nd State; 9th National
Matt Okalebo 9th State; 17th National
Jacob Eyth 10th State; 18th National
Sophomore 2B (Outside Experience)
Kevin Jewell 1st State; 4th National
Will Earnst 5th State; 13th National
Seniors 4A
Michael Collins 1st State; 15th National
John Byrne 2nd State; 16th National
Tyler Bolden 3rd State; 17th National
George Townsend 4th State; 18th National
Ned McNally 6th State; 20th National

State Trap-shooting Meet

Congratulations  Lumir Drahota!

At the State Trapshooting Meet held in Doniphan, Nebraska Lumir Drahota won 2nd place as an individual at the 24-25 yard range. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rugangazi receives Mount Michael Benedictine Award

At the Annual Awards Night ceremony Songa Rugangazi was presented the Mount Michael Benedictine Award from Head of School Dr. David Peters. Songa was selected by the faculty through secret ballot as the student who best represents the ideals of Mount Michael Benedictine.

Songa is the son of Ben and Mary Rugangazi of Rwanda. He has been accepted to numerous schools for next fall including George Washington University, Purdue University, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Songa has decided to attend Purdue University where he will major in industrial engineering.

Other notable awards announced at the ceremony were Thomas Feichtinger with the Key Staffer award for Journalism, Rowan Gruber and Scott Townsend with the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award, Andy Johannes with the Exchange Club Sophomore of the Year award, Joe Kucirek for Boy’s State, and the Saint Benedict Award for Ministry to Sean Kruger and Lucas Buehler.