Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2010 Grad Publishes eBook

Gunhee Park '10

Mount Michael alumnus Gunhee Park recently published a book designed to help international students find employment in the United States.

Gunhee Park is currently an international student studying at Arizona State University. He is currently a senior double-majoring in Supply Chain Management and Computer Information Systems at the W.P Carey School of Business. During the past summer he worked as an intern at Goldman Sachs. He has committed to return to Goldman Sachs for another internship this summer.
Gunhee set his mind to write this book after a frustrating experience of trying to find an internship during his sophomore year. He ran into several obstacles that nobody seemed to have an answer to. After overcoming several difficulties in trying to secure an internship, he was determined to help other international students in their efforts of trying to secure a job. He hopes this book will help guide those students who wish to remain in the United States after graduation through work sponsorship. Learn More

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New eLibrary, Just in time for summer!

Mount Michael has just launched a library of eBooks for students and faculty which is accessible anytime anywhere 24/7.  Just in time for the summer!

The initial collection of books is small, 42 books, but each month more books will be added, even during the summer months.  The company Baker & Taylor hosts The Mount’s books.  Baker & Taylor’s AxisReader app works with any iOS or Android device including iPads, iPods, iPhones, android phones & tablets. Some eReaders by Kobo, Sony and others such as Nooks that use epub files work.  KindleFire tablets by Amazon will also work.  Unfortunately Amazon’s e-ink readers will not work because they use a non-standard file format exclusive to Amazon.

Over the last several years Mount Michael’s librarian, Bro Luke Clinton OSB, performed multiple surveys of the student body in regards to eBooks. The results showed a clear interest but implementation was cost prohibitive until recently.   The availability and pricing of eBooks for libraries varies greatly from publisher to publisher.  Some books are limited to 26 circulations while others charge a high premium for new releases.  Each year more and more publishers are coming around to being library friendly. View Mount Michael's Axis360 eLibrary

Monday, May 13, 2013

Graduation 2013

The Mount Michael Alumni Association has 37 new members!
The Class of 2013
This year's graduation ceremony was held in Mount Michael's Palace. It was a wonderful celebration to conclude four years of study and hard work.  Fr. John Hagemann OSB presided at the graduation Mass and Abbot Michael Liebl OSB gave the homily.  Head of School, Dr. David Peters also gave a talk during the ceremony. Jimmy Steier, as Valedictorian, spoke for the Class.

The Mount Michael Benedictine School Class of 2013 has 37 young men.  The average ACT score for this class is 27 (26.9). The average ACT score over the last 5 years remains at 28 (27.9). 

The 37 boys of the Class of 2013 were accepted for admission to 54 colleges in 25 states.  They will be attending 18 colleges in 10 different states; 49% out-of-state and 49% in private colleges.   Fourteen of the boys will continue their education in Nebraska and four each in the states of Kansas, Missouri and California.

 89% of the boys have been offered some kind of scholarship and 70% have accepted scholarships to the college they plan to attend in the fall. Since the economic downturn of 2008, net tuition cost is an increasing factor in determining college selection.

The Class of 2013 was offered $ 3,677,870 of scholarship money and they will utilize $ 1,212,170 (30%) of the scholarship money offered, which equates to almost $33,000 per graduate. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

NSAA Journalism Results

Monday May 13 journalism students participated in the all-class state level competition.  This means the students competed against the top twelve journalism students in the state, no matter the class.   Placing in the top six at this level of competition is truly an achievement and validates the hard work these boys have put in every day.

Here are the results:

David Bastian-2nd place editorial cartooning
Randy Speer, Brian Kim, and Matt Okalebo-4th place yearbook theme development
Elliot Prusa-6th place headline writing
Gun Control –David Gatete, Elliot Prusa. Jacob Eyth, Jackson Taylor, Matt Okalebo: 9th In-Depth

In April in the Team Sweepstakes competition the Knights finished  3rd in Class C……three points for runner up, 5 points from first

Advertising – 3rd Yoon Ho
Editorial Cartooning- 2nd David Bastian
Entertainment Writing – 2nd Vinny Harvey 3rd Peter DeWald
Graphic Illustration- 3rd Jake Recker
Headline Writing – 1st Elliot Prusa, 2nd RandySpeer
Indepth 1st and 3rd Both were headed by Jake Recker
     Gun Control –David Gatete, Elliot Prusa. Jacob Eyth, Jackson Taylor, Matt Okalebo
     Nutrition – Jimmy Steir, Grant Ramm, Michael Budler, Elliot Prusa
 Sports Feature Writing – 2nd Elliot Prusa
 Yearbook Sports Feature Writing-2nd   Grant Ramm
 Yearbook Theme Development – Team Head Randy Speer- also included juniors Matt Okalebo and Brian Kim.

The following Qualified for the all class individual competition: David Bastian, Vincent Harvey, Moon sup Kim, Matt Okalebo, Elliot Prusa, Randy Speer

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Knights Qualify for State Track Meet

State Track Meet May 17-18, 2013

Jarrett Crnkovich, Thomas Wooten, Thomas Kalil, John Mikulicz
Not pictured: Tommy Farhart, Andrew Karstrom, Josh Rauterkaus

Qualifying Events


Josh Rauterkaus (Sr)

Triple Jump 

Tommy Farhart (So)

1600, 3200 

Thomas Kalil (Jr)

4x800 Relay 

Jarrett Crnkovich (Jr),
Andrew Karstrom (Sr),
John Mikulicz (Jr),
Thomas Wooten (So)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Senior Paul Kujawa Among 15 Honored by Governor

Paul Kujawa '13 with Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman
Mount Michael's Paul Kujawa is among 15 Nebraska high school seniors being honored by Governor Heineman for their perfect scores on the ACT or SAT exams. Paul scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam. Omaha World Herald 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wayne State Math Contest Results

The Knights recently posted good results at the annual  math contest held at Wayne State. Each participating school entered two students in each of five math categories.

Algebra 1:  Freshmen Connor Kenny 6th, Leo McGrath 7th.
Geometry: Freshmen Jin Gue Jung 2nd, Luke Krajewski 3rd.
Algebra 2: Sophomore Dun Fletcher Lin 1st
Pre-Calculus: Sophomore Jonathan Collins 1st, Junior Brian Kim 2nd
Calculus: Junior Thomas Kahlil 2nd, Junior Eun Woo Jee 3rd

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will Watson: Managing Machine

Jake Recker | Staff Writer for The Mount
He can be seen riding the bus to cross country meets, washing the wrestling mats, and painting the soccer field. He religiously follows Mount Michael sports during every season and is at almost every sporting event with the teams. However, he does not play a single sport. Instead, senior Will Watson has been a team manager for several sports teams since the winter of his freshman year.

Will Watson
In the fall of his freshman year Watson went out for tennis but that was only because all freshman have to play a sport in the fall. “It was good to go out for a sport and meet new people but tennis was not really my thing. I wasn't too serious about it and stopped playing once the season was over,” Watson said. With tennis over, Watson had nothing to take up his time after school and as winter approached he became nervous he would suffer from extreme boredom. One day after school, he saw a sign that a manager was needed for the wrestling team. This started a managing career for Watson that would last his whole time at Mount Michael.

“I enjoyed being the manager for the wrestling team but I didn't think I would end up managing again so I was surprised the following fall when Mr. Gathje asked me to be the cross country manager,” Watson said. Watson’s sophomore year athletics became his work study so it was not a hard decision to manage for multiple sports teams. That year, he managed wrestling and cross country. By his junior year he added soccer to his repertoire and his senior year he filmed football and basketball games on top of his other duties for the athletic department. Over his years at Mount Michael, Watson has become a valuable asset to the athletics of the school. The countless time spent by Watson has made life so much easier for both athletes and coaches. He also hopes his legacy will open the way for other less-athletic students to stay involved in the sports program. “Being a manager has helped me to learn patience, leadership, and a sense of dedication,” Watson said. “It has also shaped me into a more rounded person because it has given me more insight to different aspects of sports as well as a way to feel like I am a part of each sports team.” Looking to the future, Watson would even consider managing for a team in college. He would be able to continue doing something he has grown to love.

Zohner Makes History as First Female Coach at Mount Michael

 Kevin Jewell | Staff Writer for The Mount
At Mount Michael, the ratio of females to males is much smaller compared to other schools in Omaha. Outside of our teachers, we rarely see females. So it’s natural that there hasn’t been a female athletic coach at Mount Michael; that is, until now. This spring, chemistry teacher Leah Zohner began coaching the shot-put and discus members of the track team. Beyond being the first female coach of an athletics team at Mount Michael, Zohner has certainly made an impact on the team.

Leah Zohner Chemistry Teacher and Assistant Track and Field Coach
Zohner has been involved in athletics her entire life. After participating in volleyball, basketball, track, and swim team in high school, she went on to play volleyball at the University of Central Arkansas. Zohner coached club volleyball for seven years while getting her masters and teaching credentials; she was then ready for the next step. Zohner came to Mount Michael to head the Chemistry department for both sophomores and seniors. Early on, other track coaches approached Zohner because they heard she had background in shot-put and discus, which the other coaches did not, but Zohner didn’t jump at the opportunity initially. “I was really unsure just because I hadn't adjusted myself to the school. It took a lot of people, but more importantly time to allow me to coach,” Zohner said.

After the first semester, Zohner was ready to take the job. The idea of working with males was a bit intimidating, but Zohner felt she could do it. “I think I have a sharp enough wit to stay with the crowd,” Zohner said. Zohner experiences difficulties much like any other coach. However, it is much harder to gain respect from athletes being a female shot put coach according to Zohner. She has embraced the role and has certainly put in the effort to improve her athletes. Many of the athletes doubted Zohner and her abilities, but once the athletes saw their personal improvement they started to believe in her. Sophomore Chase Goddard has felt this improvement since Zohner arrived, “She’s very proactive about us getting in the weight room and giving our best effort in practice or at a meet.” The shot-put and discus athletes have greatly improved since Zohner’s arrival and the program shows no signs of slowing down. Senior Josh Rauterkus has seen a new personal record in both shot put and discus at 40 ½ feet and 90.2 feet, respectively.

Though the role of females in athletics has been rising, Zohner’s move is unprecedented at Mount Michael. “It’s something different at Mount Michael and I hope that women will be further encouraged to gain confidence and coach as well,” Zohner said. Zohner encourages students and faculty to try new things. As for Zohner’s thoughts on this season’s success: “Well, we scored a point last meet so we’re pretty good.”

Friday, May 3, 2013

National Foreign Language Exams

The results for the National Spanish and French Language exams were recently release with numerous Knights achieving outstanding results:
National French Exam Results

Level 1A
Spencer Connors 4th in State, National Rank 6th
Robin Britt 5th in State, National Rank 7th
Fletcher Lin 6th in State, National Rank 8th
Charlie Jarosik 9th in State, National Rank 11th
Garrison Emsick 10th in State, National Rank 12th

Level 1B (Outside Experience)
Kalle Haines:
2nd in State - Silver Medal, Nationl Rank 3rd Bronze Medal

Level 2A
Jonathan Collins 1st in State Gold Medal, National Rank 4th
Moonsup Kim 1st in State Gold Medal, National Rank 4th
Jacob Bragg 6th in State, National Rank 11th
Andrew Whitaker 9th in State, National Rank 14th
Cunyan Xu 9th in State, National Rank 14th
Nhat Nguyen 10th in State, Nationl Rank 15th

Level 2B (Outside Experience)
Samuel Heimermann 10th in State, National Rank 15th

Level 3A
Ha Seul Jeoung 2nd in State Silver Medal, Nationl Rank 11th
Jihoon Park 5th in State, National Rank 14th
Wilhelm Sleddens 5th in State, National Rank 14th
Jacob Eyth 6th in State, National Rank 15th
William Ernst 7th in State, National Rank 16th
Kevin Jewell 8th in State, National Rank 18th
Collin Donahue 9th in State, Nationl Rank 19th
Yoon Ho Kim 10th in State, National Rank 20th

Level 4A
John Choi 7th in State, Nationl Rank 20th
William Watson 10th in State, National Rank 23rd

National Spanish Exam
46 students above the 75th National Percentile

Gold: 95-100th Percentile
Thomas D’Aquila (95%)
Benjamin Hynes (97%)
Nate Lafave (96%)
Jackson Thompson (98%)
David Choi (99%)
Lucas Tucker (97%)
Cameron Engel (99%)
Andy Johannes (96%)
Thomas Kalil (99%)

Silver: 85th-94th National Percentile
Brendan Nicholas
Samuel Bohart
Tyler Degener
Luke Krajewski
Jun Woo Lee
Mason Lewis
Alex Stoupa
Young Joon Park
Jared Mikuls
Eun Woo Jee
Harrison Hohman
Marcus Cronin
Alex Hynes
Paul Kuwaja

Bronze: 75th- 84th National Percentile
Logan Baumberger
Elijah Buckhold
Michael Ford
Chip Karlson
Colin Svoboda
Matthew Davis
Michael Hall
Elliott Heineman
Ryan Whitaker
Max Demayo
Cameron Bretsen
Oliver Jarosik
Jin Seo Kim
Andrew Pace
Zach Frevert
Augustin Demayo
Matt Bohnhoff
Justin Lytel
John Mikulicz
Jackson Taylor
Griffin Willer
Peter DeWald
Jimmy Steier

Nebraska Spanish Results
Level and Number of Students in Nebraska who took the National Spanish Exam

Level 1R (440 Students)
1st Jackson Thompson
2nd Ben Hynes
4th Nate LaFave
5th Thomas D’Aquila
8th Sam Bohart
9th Mason Lewis
13th Tyler Degener
14th Luke Krajewski
15th Jun Woo Lee

Level 1Ex (69 Students)
1st Brendan Nicholas
2nd Alex Stoupa
3rd Max deMayo
5th Elliott Heineman
6th Ryan Whitaker
7th Michael Hall
9th Matt Davis
10th Christian Keller
11th Leo McGrath
12th Jack Hitzeman
13th Matt Coghill
14th Aaron Meyer
15th Jacob Bova

Level 2R (544 Students)
2nd David Choi
3rd Luke Tucker
9th Harrison Hohman
22nd Jared Mikuls
25th Young Joon Park

Level 2Ex (54 Students)
3rd Marcus Cronin
4th Augustin deMayo
5th Zach Frevert
7th Zach McBride
8th Jake Batenhorst
10th Jonathan Alvine
12th John Gutsmiedel
15th Tommy Farhart

Level 3R (336 Students)
1st Cameron Engel
3rd Andrew Johannes
4th Alex Hynes
13th Matt Bohnhoff
15th Justin Lytle
20th John Mikulicz

Level 3Ex (28 Students)
1st Thomas Kalil
5th Ryan Degener
8th Davis Wilson

Level 4R (167 Students)
6th Paul Kuwaja
10th Jimmy Steier
20th Peter Dewald

Thursday, May 2, 2013

46th Annual Awards Night

Tommy Maliszewski and Jon Borer
Neither cold nor rain or snow, yes snow! Could stop the Mount Michael 46th Annual Awards Night celebration on Wednesday May 1st.  Usually the gym is hot and stuffy for the event but thanks to the snow this year it was very comfortable.

The evening started with a brief recognition of spring sports and praise for our many Academic All-State athletes and activities participants. Mount Michael's activities director and football coach Jon Borer then announced this year's Mount Michael Athlete of the Year as Tommy Maliszewski the son of Dr. Mary Jane Bettterman and Michael Bertsch of Omaha and Dr. James Maliszewski of Leawood, Kansas. Tommy has been a three sport athlete for all four of his years at the Mount.  He played starting roles in football as both a quarterback and receiver  a starting guard in  basketball, and is the baseball teams left fielder. 

The evening then proceeded through recognition and awards for the arts, science, math, foreign language and other academic and service awards. 

Dr. Peters and Connor Moynihan
Other notable honors were Augustin deMayo with the HOBY award, Alex Hotovy as Mount Michael's sophomore of the year from the Omaha Exchange Club and Cameron Engel as the Knight's representative to Boy's State.  The state runner-up banners to be hung in the palace for bowling and the Academic Decathlon were also revealed.

The highlight of the evening came at the end with our head of school, Dr. Dave Peters announcement of this year's recipient of The Mount Michael Award which is given to the senior, who by faculty vote, most represents the ideals of Mount Michael. This year's award winner was Connor Moynihan  the son of Dennis and Janeen Moynihan of Omaha. 

Among Connor's may attributes is  his always out going, pleasant and generous demeanor. He was a starter for the Knights football team, a leader on the speech team, a member of the National Honor Society and was very involved in ministry.  More Photos

Cronin Signs with Benedictine College

J. T. Cronin '13 signs up to play Soccer for the Ravens at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Pictured with J.T. are his parents John and Ruth Cronin of Elkhorn and the the Knight's soccer coach, Kevin Gray. Good luck to J.T. and the Ravens.  More Signing Photos

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Loeffelholz Signs with Rockhurst University

Mark Loeffelhoz '13 will join his brother Zach '11 next baseball season as a Hawk of Rockhurst University in Kansas City.  Joining Mark at the signing ceremony are his parents Dan '78 and Lisa Loeffelholz and his Mount Michael baseball coach Brent Suing '00.   Congratulations Mark and Go Hawks! Signing Photos

NSAA Academic All-State

The Nebraska School Activities Association has recognized the following Knights for All-State Academic Honors for the Spring Sports and Activities season.

Will Ernst (Baseball), Cameron Bresten (Boys Golf), Peter DeWald  (Journalism), Brian Kim (Journalism), Jacob Recker  (Soccer), James Steier (Soccer), Jarrett Crnkovich (Track & Field), Thomas Kalil (Track & Field)