Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 Knights become Oblates of Saint Benedict

Left to Right: Drew Goddard '17, Riley Goddard '19, Cole McNally '20, Patrick Fayad '19, James Crotty '19, Andrew Nigro '18. 
This past school year a student oblate program was begun at the Mount.  Meetings were held on a regular basis instructing candidates in the way of Saint Benedict. At Sunday vespers 6 students professed their oblation.

As Oblates these young men dedicate themselves in a special way to live as balanced Christian people, offering witness to the world of Christ's transformative power. What sets them apart from other devoted Christian people is their special way of living out an enriched Christian life, according to the Gospel as reflected in the Rule of St. Benedict.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mignondje elected Student Council President

Armel Mignondje '18
Congratulations to Armel Mignondje who was elected Student Council President for the 2017-2018 School Year.

At weekly chapel, on Monday of last week, 4 candidates each gave short talks to the student body outlining their hopes and goals for next year.  The other three candidates were Garrett Gloeb, Andrew Nigro, and Dash Wedergren. The election was held during classes last week.

Before becoming a Knight, Armel attended Saint Coumbkille Catholic Grade School in Papillion, Nebraska. Armel is the son of of Afi Eugenie Adokpe of LaVista.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Alum Knight Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Accomplishments

There are 57 graduates, with an average ACT score of 28.5.

Of the 56 graduates, Fifteen boys or 27% of this class was offered 24 full tuition scholarships. Two-thirds of the boys will be using scholarship money for the institution they will be attending which is more than $2 million.

The Class of 2017 has earned over $6.8 million in scholarship offers.

The Class of 2017 was accepted to 91 colleges in 29 states and countries on three different continents. They will be attending 30 colleges in 15 different states on 3 continents; with 47% going out-of-state and 39% to private colleges. Twenty-eight boys will be attending six different colleges in Nebraska.

More Senior Class Photos (Higher Resolution)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

26% of Mount Michael Seniors Receive OWH Academic Team Recognition

Ben Murray
All Metro 2nd Team
Each year the Omaha World-Herald asks Omaha school counselors to contact students who have an SAT score of 1390 or higher or an ACT score of 32 or higher. These students must fill out an extensive application that includes all their classes, grades, and service.  These students represent the top 4% of Nebraska’s seniors academically.  This year Mount Michael had 15 students qualify for the distinction, which is 26% of the graduating class.

In addition Ben Murray was named to the Omaha World-Herald Metro Academic 2nd Team!

The seniors below are All Academic Honorable Mention. They are in alphabetic order by last name, left to right.

Andrew Ahn, Christian Burbach, Zach Cairney, Nick Carson, Joe Coldiron, Alex Earsley, Michael Ecker, Caiden Groff, Patrick Halpin, Junho Ho, Peyton Hottovy, Nick Huetter, Broden Kaps, Henry O’Callaghan, Ian Price

Saturday, May 13, 2017

24 Seniors Receive President’s Award for Educational Excellence

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is an honorary award presented to seniors who meet the following criteria:  they must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better and tests at the 85th percentile or above on either the ACT (which is a 28) or the SAT (which is a 1310).  These students must demonstrate high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities, judgement, involvement in community service, extra-curricular activities.  The following 24 students from the class of 2017 have been recognized with the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.

Andrew Ahn, Christian Burbach, Zach Cairney, Nick Carson, Scott Ching, Joe Coldiron, Alex Earsley, Caiden Groff, Michael Ecker, Patrick Halpin, Dylan Herrmann, Junho Ho, Miles Hock, Peyton Hottovy, Nick Huetter, Daniel Jewell, Broden Kaps, Nash Kelly, Ryuta Kure, Ben Murray, Henry O’Callaghan, Ian Price, Jack Straka, Sebastien Winters.

Friday, May 12, 2017

National French Exams: 2017 Medalists

Platinum award: Highest score in level/division.
Gold Medal 95 percentile
Silver Medal 85th-90th Percentile
Bronze Medal 75th-80th Percentile
Honorable Mention 50th- 70th Percentile

Level 1 Regular

Honorable Mention
Chaemin Lee : State Rank , 9th National Rank 12th
Andrew Carleton: State Rank 11th National Rank 14th
Maximo Gaytan: State Rank 12th, National Rank 15th
Vu Phan: State Rank 13th, National Rank 16th
Lucas Wurtz: State Rank 13th, National Rank 16th
Kaleb Stavneak: State Rank 14th, National Rank 17th
Level 3 Regular

Silver Medalist
Armel Mignondje: State Rank 4th, National Rank 12th

Bronze Medalist
Joseph Recker: State Rank 7th, National Rank 15th
Tomas Weekly: State Rank 10th, National Rank 18th

Honorable Mention
Riley Kruse: State Rank 13th , National Rank 21st
Hoa Nguyen: State Rank 13th , National Rank 21st
Matthew Winters: State Rank 16th , National Rank 25st
Level 2 Regular

Platinum – Top Score in the Nation
Sebastian Alegrett: National Rank 1st, State Rank 1st

Bronze Medal
Patrick Collins: State Rank 5th, National Rank 8th
Daniel Davies: State Rank 5th, National Rank 8th
Levi Kicken: State Rank 6th National 9th
Bokai Zhang: State Rank 6th National 9th
Honorable Mention
Adel Elbendary: State Rank 7th, National Rank 10th
Ziyou Li: State Rank 10th, National Rank 13th
Tung Pham: State Rank 10th, National Rank 13th

Level 2 Outside Experience

Silver Medalists
Temi Adeyemo: State Rank 4th, National Rank 4th
Diego Amian Parames: State Rank 4th, National Rank 4th

Bronze Medalist
Andrew Shellberg: State Rank 8th, National Rank 9th

Level 2 Advanced

Silver Medalist
Patrick Fayad: State Rank 2nd, National Rank 2nd,
Level 4 Regular

Gold Medalist
Ian Price: State Rank 2th, National Rank 8th

Honorable Mention
Daniel Jewell: State Rank 9th, National Rank 19th

Level 4 Advanced

Gold Medalist
Alexis Ruessmann: State Rank 1st, National Rank 5th

Baseball: All Conference Team

All River Cities Conference Baseball:

Seniors: Caiden Groff & Ryan Riddle

All Conference Honorable Mention:

Sophomores: Patrick Collins & Sid DeMayo

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wayne State Math Competation

Left to Right: Ian Kim, Max Nguyen, Jacob Gathje, Brayden Whitaker, Joey Chen, Jerry Fan, J.P. Jensen

The Mount Michael math team recently participated in the final contest of the year and achieved great results. This is the first competition without our seniors who have finished school, except for AP Exams.

Geometry: 1st Place Joey Chen, 3rd Place, Jerry Fan
Algebra 2: 10th  Place Jacob Gathje
Pre-Calculus: 1st Place J.P.  Jenson, 4th Place Brayden Whitaker
Calculus: 1st Place Max Nguyen, 2nd Place Ian Kim

Congratulations Knights!

Monday, May 8, 2017

6 Knights Win in Essay Contest

Mount Michael has 6 student winners in the Archdiocese of Omaha's Center for Family Life Formation Pro-Life Essay Contest.

The contest was open to 7th-11th grades students. Cash prizes were awarded for each grade level. 1st place winners entries are also submitted to the Knights of Columbus fall 2017 statewide contest.

Sister Carol Jean Vandenhemel OSB and Mrs. Amy Masek are Mount Michael's Theology teachers. Congratulations to them and all their students who took part in the contest!

9th Grade

1st Place Kolton Koubsky

Parents: Ken and Kristen Koubsky.
Parish: Mary Our Queen

10th Grade

1st Place Patrick Collins
Parents Charles and Kara Collins
Parish: Saint Margaret Mary

2nd Place Jacob Benes
Parents: Vernon and Michelle Benes
Parish: Saint Wenceslaus

11th Grade

1st Place Ben Arkfeld

Parents: Mike and Kelly Arkfeld
Parish: Saint Wenceslaus

2nd Place Sebastian Alegrett
Parents: Ernesto Alegrett and Leonor Morreo

3rd Place Jack (Ming Kai) Sun
Parents: Shuhong Sun and Rongle Wang

Saturday, May 6, 2017

National Spanish Exam

2017 National Spanish Exam Results:
Mount Michael Student State Ranking
Level 1: Level 2:
1st -Jacob Gathje and Brayden Whitaker
2nd -Tharein Putuhera
3rd - Alexander Schrier
4th - Max Nguyen
5th -Drew Thorton
6th - Seth Carpenter
7th - Kolton Koubsky
9th - Alexander Payne
10th - Benjamin Goetz

Outside Experience
2nd Joseph Johansen
4th - JP Jensen
7th - Colin Mallisee


4th - Jean Marie Djidjoho
5th - Jacob Benes
Level 3 Level 4
2nd - Ben Arkfeld
3rd - Garrett Gloeb
4th - Mathew Thiele
6th - Lucas Rief
8th - Lucas Williams

2nd - Sebastian Esquivel
3rd - Broden Kaps
7th - Jackie Kure
9th - Nicholas Huetter
10th – Benedict Murray

1st - Alexander Earsley
------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------

Gold Category- 95th -100th National Percentile:

Seth Carpenter
Jacob Gathje
Benjamin Goetz
Kolton Koubsky
Quan Nguyen
Alexander Payne
Tharein Potuhera
Benjamin Quinlan
Alexander Schrier
Evan Schroder
Richard Thornton
Brayden Whitaker
Sid Demayo
Matthew Draper
John Jensen
Colin Mallisee
Ben Arkfeld
Garrett Gloeb
Lucas Rief
Matthew Thiele
Lukas Williams
Broden Kaps
Ryuta Kure

Bronze Category- 75th -84th National Percentile:

Nick Arkfeld
Ben Demayo
Callan Farrell
Gregory Gonzalez
Donovan Kaelin
Ian Kim
Mason Matukewicz
Ethan Meduna
Connor Murphy
Joshua Snyder
Keaton Stec
Sean Stumpff
Nick Akers
Anna Bppr
Yichen Cao
Sebastian Cardenas
James Crotty
Erik Degener
Riley Goddard
Joe Hitzemann
Cole Mccoy
Sebastian Esquivel
Nicholas Lorensen
Paul Mccaslin
Nicholas Carson
Peyton Hottovy
Nash Kelly
Henry O'Callaghan

Silver Category- 85th -94th National Percentile:

John Ackerman
Joseph Bazata
Calvin Benson
Ming Hint Chui
Joshua Davies
Jack Gottschalk
Logan Hock
William Janecek
Zachary Kahler
Andree Kakish
Seth Kuhn
Joe Lytle
Robert Masek
Joseph Niemerg
Jackson Ramold
Trenton Sedlacek
Henry Storbeck
Laken Beller
Caleb Burbach
Jarrett Cline
Alex Crnkovich
Trevin Detwiler
Sam Eberle
Cole Kalkowski
Hanool Kim
Sam Peters
Gerald Righter
Santiago Santa-maria
Nolan Zeger
John Avilla
Nolan Huetter
Lorcan Jamal
Adam Orr
Nicholas Orr
Keyton Pappas
Nicholas Snyder
Lucas Van Haute
Dash Wedergren
Zachary Cairney
Alexander Earsley
Michael Ecker
Caiden Groff
Nicholas Huetter
Benedict Murray

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mixan Receives Full Ride ROTC Scholarship

At the recent awards night United States Army Master Sergeant Jesse Anderson and Sergeant First Class David Reyes from the Creighton ROTC presented Luka Mixan with a giant $132,000 check representing his full ride & fees scholarship to Creighton University where Luka will be in the Army ROTC programCreighton University will be covering his room/board.

Luka is the son Joe and Suzana Mixan of Papillion, NE. Before becoming a Knight, Luka attend Saint Columbkille grade school.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Awards Night

This year’s Awards Night is notably the 50th celebration of the many accomplishments of the Knights!

Athletes of the Year
Caiden Groff, Coach Jon Borer, Peyton Hottovy
As every year, there are to many awards and honors to mention them all but here are a few highlights.

Every year the Mount Michael athletic department selects a Mount Michael athlete of the year.  With so many good athletes to choose from it is difficult to narrow it down to one person. This year for the 6th time in history the coaches were unable to do so and selected 2 athletes to share the 2016-2017 honor. They are seniors Caiden Groff and Peyton Hottovy. Caiden attended St. Patrick’s grade school in Elkhorn and is the son of Aaron and Melissa Groff of Bennington. Peyton was homeschooled before he came to the Mount and is the son of Troy and Lisa Hottovy of Waterloo, Nebraska.

In Journalism Ms. Fosco presented Ben Murray with Mount Michael’s Key Staffer award which is sponsored by the Omaha World Herald. Ben attended St. Roberts’s grade school and is the son of Steve ’80 and Barb Murray of Omaha.

Mount Michael Award
Broden Kaps, Abbot Michael Liebl OSB
Mr. Charles Dudek noted honors for two sophomores. The Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award went to Trevin Detwiler. Trevin attended Holy Cross grade school is the son of John and Caralee Detwiler of Omaha.  The Omaha Exchange Club/Sophomore of the Year award went to Gerald Righter. Gerald attended Mary Our Queen grade school and is the son of Christopher and Margaret Righter of Omaha.

The evening concluded with the presentation of the coveted Mount Michael award which is presented to the student who most epitomizes the values and character of a Mount Michael Knight.  This year the faculty selected senior Broden Kaps for this honor.  Broden attended St. Vincent de Paul grade school and is the son of Ronald and Darci Kaps of Omaha.

Congratulations to these and all the young men honored at this year’s Awards Night.