Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robo Knights @ World Competition

Team 1970K "Knight Shift"
Knight Shift competed in one of the 5 HS divisions that each had 86 teams in them.  The Technology division was a very tough division and the Knight Shift team was able to recover from a 2-4 start to go 4-0 over the last 4 matches to finish 6-4 and in 30th place.  Unfortunately, they were not chosen for an alliance, but they were able to fisnish the tournament on a flurry of victories.

On a very positive note, 1970K was able to post a drivers skill score of 69 (a season best) that ended up good enough for 26th place overall in the World!  Are you kidding, a team from Nebraska was able to end up 26th place out of the thousands of HS/MS teams in the world...WOW!  This was, also, the highest drivers score of any of the local teams!  5069A from Millard North was close behind at 68, but Knight Shift took that title as best of the area.

Congratulations to Knight Shift on a great season and a special thanks to team members Nick Huetter, Michael Ford, and Aaron Meyer.  A great showing for MM and a good look at what the future will be holding for this program. - Coach Maline

Friday, April 25, 2014

National French Exam Results 2014

Level 1A                                             State Results                                                    National Results
Seong Bong Shin                              5th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 14th
Anthony Chen                                   7th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 16th
Ian Price                                            9th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 18th
Thomas Farhart                              11th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 20th
Joseph Daly                                      21st Place in Nebraska
Zilin Wang                                        23rd Place in Nebraska
Steven Schneider                             26th Place in Nebraska
Nicholas Vetter                                 28th Place in Nebraska

Level 1B
Daniel Jewell                                    2nd Place in Nebraska                                      National Rank 10th

Level 2A                                                               
Robin Britt                                        4th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 11th
David Recic                                       7th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 15th
Benjamin Benes                               8th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 16th
Dun Fletcher Lin                             11th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 19th
Jingue Jung                                      12th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 20th
Connor Kenney                                16th Place in Nebraska
Case McNally                                   23rd Place in Nebraska
Sunny Chen                                       24th Place in Nebraska
Chan Yung Jeong                            29th Place in Nebraska

Level 2B                                                                   
Kalle Haines                                     6th Place in Nebraska                                       National Rank 12th

Level 3A                                                        
Jonathon Collins                             1st Place in Nebraska                                        National Rank 3rd
Moon Sup Kim                                 3rd Place in Nebraska                                      National Rank 7th
Nhat Nguyen                                     13th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 19th
Ian Alfieri                                          14th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 20th
Samuel Heimerman                        16th Place in Nebraska
Jacob Bragg                                     20th Place in Nebraska
Eric Sullivan                                    20th Place in Nebraska
Sung Jae Kim                                   24th Place in Nebraska
Andrew Whitaker                            25th Place in Nebraska

Level 3C
Jean-Marie Djidhoho                       14th Place in Nebraska                                     National Rank 20th

Level 4A                   
Ha-Seul Jeoung                                1st Place in the State                                          National Rank 13th
Will Sleddins                                    7th Place in the State                                         National Rank 19th
Kevin Jewell                                     9th Place in the State        
Collin Donahue                                11th Place in the State      
William Ernst                                  13th Place in the State
Matthew Okalebo                            14th Place in the State
Bennet Bressman                             21st Place in the State
Chris Bierman                                 23rd Place in the State                                     
Blake Tomich-Batten                                  28th Place in the State

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knight Writers Capture State Title

The Mount Michael Journalism Team has won the 2014 Class C Journalism Championship! In the last 9 years the Knight Writers have won the Class C Championship 6 times and been State Runner-up twice.
Congratulation Knights!

CLASS C Top 5 Team Scores
1.                   Mount Michael Benedictine, 31
2.                   Sandy Creek, 29
3.                   Fairbury, 20
4.                   Columbus Scotus, 14
5.                   Grand Island Central Catholic, 10

Individual Results - Links are to Award Winning Entries. Some files are large.
EDITORIAL WRITING: 1st Place Harrison Hohman
ENTERTAINMENT WRITING: 2nd Jacob Eyth, 3rd Wilhelm Sleddens
GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION:  1st JacksonTaylor, 3rd Wilhelm Sleddens
NEWS WRITING: 3rd  Mickey Coughlin
NEWS/FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: 2nd. Moon Sup Kim Photo A -  Photo B
YEARBOOK SPORTS FEATURE WRITING: 2nd Harrison Hohman, 3rd Evan Pink,

All-State Event Qualifiers - The All Class Competition will be held May 12, 2014

Harrison Homan Editorial Writing - Placed 3rd in the All Class Competition!
Jackson Taylor: Graphic Illustration
Will Sleddens: Graphic Illustration
Moon Sup Kim: News/Feature Photography & Yearbook Theme Copy Writing

In-Depth Coverage – Already Completed  & Ranked on All-Class Level
6th Place Colin Svoboda, Mick Steier,
11th  Place  Colin Svoboda, Mick Steier, Harrison Hohman, Young Joon Park, Moon Sup Kim, 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strategic Plan Launched

Strategic Planning Process:  Mount Michael Benedictine School has entered into an agreement with Shea Consultants out of Dallas, Texas to lead our Strategic Planning initiative.  During the next nine months, members of the Mount Michael community will be called upon to complete surveys, attend meetings, offer opinions, etc. regarding Mount Michael Benedictine School.  All input matters.  In looking at the past, in our forty-three year history being an all-boys boarding and day school, and where we are today; our future looks incredibly bright.  We are at the junction where we need to access where we are and where we are headed. 

Thank you for your support during this important process.

Dr. David J. Peters, Ed.D.

Head of School 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chemistry Teams Win 4 Events

The Knights' Chemistry teams came away with top honors in 4 events at the recent UNO Chemistry Field Day.
Winner of Chem Survivor: Team Strontium
Ben Hynes,  Michael Kim, Tony Tang,  Ryan Whitaker, (not shown, Jin Gue Jung)

Winner of Serial Dilution: Team Tin
Jae Jun Park, Luke Krajewski, Max DeMayo, Jacob Bova, Elliott Heineman, 

Winner of Equation Balancing Act: Team Hydrogen 
 Young Joon Park, Jin Seo Kim, Cameron Bretsen, Ashton Legenza, Fletcher Lin

Winner of Fax the Facts: Team Californium 
Harrison Hohman, Dujin Lee, Zach Frevert, Jonathan Collins, Taesung Kim, 

Congratulations Knights!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The school community and family members recently gathered in the DJ Sokol Chapel to celebrate the induction of new members to the Edward Malone chapter of the National Honor Society.

The New members are: Ryan Anderson, Alex Hotovy, Logan Kalkowski, Dun Fletcher Lin, Nhat Nguyen, Caleb Pflug, Adam Terasinski, Thomas Wooten, Logan Baumberger, Jacob Bova, Jeremiah Connealy, Max deMayo, Kalle Haines, Jackson Hitzemann, Benjamin Hynes, Connor Kenney, Luke Krajewski, Case McNally, Jack Morrissey, Brendan Nicholas, Alex Stoupa.

More Photos by Brian Kim

Monday, April 7, 2014

Robo Knights Score Big at U.S. Open National Robotics Competition

This past weekend, April 3 through 5, the Mount Michael Robotics teams did extremely well at the U.S. Open National Robotics Competition here in Omaha.  Teams came from as far as Hawaii and New Jersey to compete.

The Talladega Knights,  with team members Chase Goddard, John Beckman, and Leo McGrath made it to the semi finals in the Open Division.  

The Knight Shift, with team members Nick Huetter, Michael Ford, and Aaron Meyers made it to finals and finished second in their Vex Division. 

The Knights of the Round, with team members Drew Goddard and Reilly Jackson made it to the finals and finished second in the Open Division.  Drew and Reilly were also given an additional  award, as they won the Driver's Skills Champion of the Open Division.

Nick Huetter will be competing at the Vex World's Competition at the end of April in Anaheim, California.

It should also be noted, that the first place winners of the Middle School Division in the U. S. Open were Nolan Huetter, younger brother of Nick Huetter '17, from St. Patrick's in Elkhorn, and his teammate Lukas Williams from Omaha Christ the King.  They will both be attending Mount Michael next year as members of the class of 2018.  
Information & Photos provided by Lisa Jackson

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mount Michael Spring Play

The Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus

Many believe that Chaucer’s literary masterpiece revolutionized English literature. This play revolutionizes the study of this challenging literature by tossing in a good helping of Monty Python-styled humor to create this incredibly silly yet educational comedy. You’ll meet many of the pilgrims whose tales are most likely to be studied in high school (along with a few Thanksgiving pilgrims that ended up in the wrong play!), including the knight, the miller, the parson, the pardoner, the nun’s priest and the friar. Even the wife of Bath has cleaned up her act for this adaptation and is now a nagging woman who sells self-help DVDs! The miller, too, makes an appearance, though nobody wants to hear anything he has to say! -www.pioneerdrama.com

Photos by Brian KimMore Photos

Cast Members:
Jarrett Crnkovich....... Harry Bailey
Matt Bohnhoff....... Geoffrey Chaucer
Elliott Heineman....... Knight
Taesung Kim....... Parson
Will Sleddens....... Wife of Bath
Thomas D'Aquila.......Pardoner
Joe Melia....... Nun's Priest
Maura Cullen....... Clerk
Alejandra Garcia....... Lawyer
Leo McGrath....... Physician
Max deMayo.......Lawyer
Sam Bohart....... Squire
Austin Bloomquist....... Miller
Broden Kapps....... Boring Scholar
David Mordan....... Stage Manager
Jacob Bova....... Sign Changer

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Knight Writers @ UNO Journalism Day

Mount Michael's Journalism team brought home a good number of medals at the recent University of Nebraska Omaha Journalism Day. More photos by Brian Kim


Harrison Hohman-First Place- Column Writing

Brian Kim –Second Place News/ Feature photography

Colin Svoboda – Second Place –Two page layout

Cooper Wilson-Third Place – Sports Story

Indepth Coverage – Crisis in the Congo – First Place        
Team Members:
Lead-Colin Svoboda
Harrison Hohman
Young Joon Park
Mick Steier
Brian Kim

Overall  3rd Place Division B

Knights Sweep French Knowledge Bowl Event

At the 2014 French Convention held at Creighton Prep, the Mount Michael Knights' French teams swept the Knowledge Bowl competition on all 5 levels.

Knowledge Bowl Championship Team Members:                                                More Photos

Level 1: Theo Chen, Tommy farhart, Dan Jewell, Ian Price, Steve Schneider, Marc Chin, Nicholas Vetter.
Level 2: Ben Benes, Robin Britt, Sunny Chen, Jin Gue Jung, Noah Kenney, Fletcher Lin, David Recic.
Level 3: Ian Alfieri, Sam Hiemerman, Alex Hotovy, Brian Kim, Sam Kim, Eric Sullivan.
Level 4 Chris Bierman, Bennet Bressman, Will Ernst, Jacob Eyth, Kevin Jewell, Jacob Bragg, Nhat Nguyen.
Level 5: Blake Batten, Collin Donahue, Steve Jeoung, Mathew Okalebo, Will Sleddins, Ryan Anderson, Jon Collins. 

Other Awards:
Blake Batten:  Overall Spelling Bee Champion

Jean-Marie Djidjoho: Poetry First Place Level 5 Native Speaker 

Ian Alfieri: Cooking First Place (Desserts – Une bûche Noël / a Christmas Cake Shaped like a yuletide Log)               

Volleyball First Place (almost every Mount Michael student played because people had to go to other competitions)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

D'Aquila Wins State Writing Contest

Thomas D'Aquila
Sophomore Thomas D’Aquila was selected as the 2014 alternate winner for the State of Nebraska in the Letters About Literature national writing contest.  The contest asks students to write a personal letter to the author of a book they have read, reflecting on the impact of that book on their own life or way of thinking.  Thomas’s letter to Art Spiegelman about the graphic novel “Maus” was selected from hundreds of letters across the State of Nebraska as the winner for the high school level of the contest.  In recognition of this honor, Thomas has been invited to attend the Governor's Proclamation Signing in Lincoln, and his name will be included in the official National Library Week Proclamation for Nebraska.  Thomas’s letter will now go on to the national competition, where it will be read by a panel of judges at the Library of Congress.  More information about the contest and a list of past winners can be found at http://centerforthebook.nebraska.gov/programs/LAL.html.

Governor Heineman & Thomas D'Aquila