Monday, June 11, 2018

Academic All-State

Congratulations to the following Knights who have been recognized by the Nebraska School Activities Association and the NCPA as Academic All-State Award Winners during the 2017-2018 school year.
Sebastian Alegrett
Joseph Recker
Ben Arkfeld
Garrett Gloeb
Lorcan Jamal
Adam Orr

Lorcan Jamal
Drew Thorton
JP Jensen
Armel Mignondje
Jarrett Cline
Trevin Detwiler
Trenton Dedlacek
Paul McCaslin
Lucas Van Haute
Patrick Collins
Sid deMayo
Ben Bies
Nick Orr
Track & Field
Armel Mignondje
John Hudson
Lorcan Jamal

Nebraska School Activities Association
To be  nominated a student must be a varsity player or organizational leader who has  played a significant role on the team or in the organizational activity during the  seasons for which nominations are accepted.

A nominated student must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average, in all  curricular subjects, of 93% or 3.7 on a 4.0-point scale or the equivalent.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

5-Year Reunions 3's & 8's

It was a busy alumni weekend with golf and gatherings all weekend attended by numerous alumni.  Many made it out to the Mount for the campus gathering and had a great time.

1958: Georg Matz, Joseph Gibney

Front: Dave Spenner, Harry Bognich
Back: Thomas Beaty, vern Rempe, Leo Parks

Front: Tom Kowalski, Leonard Gabriel, Steve Baumgartner, Tim Vail, Rev. Michael Malby
Back: Abbot Michael Liebl, David Backer, Jim Krone, Daniel Spenner, Craig Tylski, Harry Lobmeyer, David Springhetti, Mark Theisen.

1973: Jim Leise, Jim Prokopec

Front: Dave Wilson, Tom Driscoll
Back: Matt Ryan, Dan Leoffelholz

Front: Jeff Ciurej, Kevin Reilly, Alex Schabauer, Steve Matt, Dave Homan
Back: James Motl, Chris Higgins, Dan Beideck, Paul McCann, Joe Hettinger, Jeff Jamrog, Tim Wilcox

Front: Tom Devlin, Brian Waldron, Matt Bianchi
Back: Rick Kauten, Paul Higgins, Jacob Render

Front: Brent Papek, Dylan Spicka, Tim Noerrlinger, David Ostronic, John Eggers
Back: Nick Behrendt, Anthony (A.J.) Stevnes, Brian Teft, Ben Luettel J.P. Haas Rex Lierz, Joe Wolpert.

2003: Joe Kmiecik, John Hall, Richard Akromis.

2008: Andy Jewell, Colton Venteicher, Zach Rohweder.

2013: Mark Loeffelholz, Tommy Maliszewski, Grant Ramm, Jake Recker.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

District Champions!

Coach Kent Christenson, Luke Gutschewski, Lorcan Jamal, John Hudson, Logan Hock, Matt Winters

Congratulations to the Mount Michael Golf Team for winning the District Championship.
Also quite notable is that Mount Michael freshmen Luke Gutschewski won the individual championship in a sudden death playoff!   Seniors John Hudson placed 4th and Matthew Winters place 9th.

Good Luck at State!
Go Knights!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Omaha World Herald All-Academic List

Nolan Huetter                            Nicholas Orr
Each year the Omaha World-Herald asks Nebraska school counselors to contact students who have an SAT score of 1390 or higher or an ACT score of 32 or higher. These students must fill out an extensive application that includes all their classes, grades, and service.  These students represent the top 4% of Nebraska’s seniors academically.  This year Mount Michael had 19 students qualify for the distinction, which is 34% of the graduating class.
In addition Nolan Huetter and Nicholas Orr were named to the Omaha World-Herald All-Metro Area Academic 2nd Team!
The seniors below are All Academic Honorable Mention. They are in alphabetic order by last name, left to right.

Nicholas Arkfield, Alvin Chui, Zhouyo Dong,Garrett Gloeb, Lorcan Jamal, Ian Kim, John Kuhry, Colin Lakeman, Ziyou Li, Armel Mignondje, Adam Orr, Joseph Recker, Lucas Rief, Nicholas Snyder, Matthew Thiele, Dash Wedergren, Lukas Williams

Monday, May 14, 2018


The Mount Michael Benedictine School Class of 2018 has 57 graduates.  The average ACT score for this class is 28.6, which surpassed last year’s record score of 28.5.

The 57 boys of the Class of 2018 were accepted at 87 colleges in 30 states. This was nine different colleges in Nebraska and seven different colleges in NY.
They will be attending 30 different colleges in 16 states; with 44% going out-of-state and 37% to private colleges. Twenty-nine boys will be attending five different colleges in Nebraska.

The Class of 2018 was offered $ 7,723,944 of scholarship dollars.  One-third of this class qualified for full tuition scholarships. Two-thirds of these boys will be using scholarship money for the institution they will be attending which is more than $2 million.