Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Knights Recount Their 2016 March for Life Experience & Stranding During a Historic Blizzard

A Group of Mount Michael students and their faculty chaperone just returned from an adventurous trip home from the 2016 March for Life in Washington DC. Listen in as Garrett Engel, Michael Ford, Kalle Haines, Christian Keller, Paul Dougherty, Ben Hynes, Ben Nigro, Jeremiah Connealy and Amy Masek tell the story in their own words. View Directly on YouTube

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

University President's Mount Michael Roots

Creighton University President Fr. Daniel Hendrickson S.J. '89, reflects on his Benedictine roots in the opening section of a video biography and Creighton University promo. View Video

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Runza Student of the Week: Jackson Thompson

Mount Michael Benedictine senior Jackson Thompson was recently featured on Omaha's KETV Channel 7 as the Student of the week.  Jackson also received a $500 scholarship from Runza.  Congratulations Jackson! 

Click on the embedded video below to watch.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bits & Pieces

Chris Rogers Speaks to the Knights - More Photos
Martin Luther King Day Speaker
Mr. Chris Rogers spoke to a gathering of students in the DJ Sokol Chapel in honor of Martin Luther King Day.  Mr. Rogers who grew-up in East Saint Louis, IL is a former Creighton University basketball player and now works at Creighton as director of Community/Government Relations, and serves as an elected official on the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

It his talk Mr. Rogers spoke of the need to continue to work toward racial equality and challenged the students to be ready to make a difference in the struggle wherever and when the opportunities occur. 

Washington DC March for Life
On Tuesday afternoon eight Knights head off to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life event. They will travel by bus with a group of students from other archdiocesan schools. Mount Michael Theology teacher Mrs. Masek will accompany the Group.   Representing Mount Michael are Paul Dougherty, Garrett Engel, Ben Nigro, Jeremiah Connealy, Ben Hynes, Kalle Haines, Michael Ford, Christian Keller.
Photos from Washington DC March for Life 2016

Knights Win Academic Decathlon Regional Competition
Knights with their fists full of medals (photo courtesy of Dave Cormier)

First place in Super Quiz
Regional Champions
71 medals won out of 72 possible


  • Henry O’Callaghan:  1st in Art, Econ, Lit, & Music; 2nd in Science; 3rd in Math
  • Broden Kaps:  1st in Science; 2nd in Math, Music, Art, Econ, & Lit 

Alternate Honors: 
  • Andrew Ahn:  1st in Econ, Lit, Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Art
  • Matthew Thiele:  1st in Art, Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Econ; 3rd in Lit 

  • Jacob Bova:  1st in Math & Music; 2nd in Science, Art, & Lit; 3rd in Econ
  • Luka Mixan:  1st in Art & Science; 2nd in Econ & Music; 3rd in Lit

Alternate Scholastic:
  • Max deMayo:  1st in Art, Lit, Music, & Science; 2nd in Math; 3rd in Econ
  • Jackie Wu:  1st in Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Art & Econ; 3rd in Lit

  • Walter Wear:  1st in Art, Econ, Math, & Music; 2nd in Lit & Science
  • Jacob Ramaekers:  1st in Lit & Science; 2nd in Art & Econ; 3rd in Math & Music 

Alternate Varsity:
  • Michael Fischer:  1st in Art, Econ, Lit, & Science; 2nd in Math & Music 
  • Kevin Arul:  1st in Math & Music; 2nd in Econ & Lit; 3rd in Art & Science

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Highllights: Knights' Grapplers in the Palace

The Mount's Palace recently hosted wrestling matches against opponents from Lincoln Pius X and Elkhorn. As a team the Knights lost to Lincoln Pius X and defeated the Elkhorn Antlers

Watch the entire Video Highlights Playlist embedded below

Watch individual matches: Jarrett Cline (Pin) - Seth Broadstone (Pin) - John Kuhry (Pin) - Patrick Fayad (4-2) - Zach Hytrek (Pin) - Ben Nigro (Pin) - Jacob Ramaekers (10-7) - Zach Hytrek (10-3)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Conference Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon Team won the River Cities Conference Championship that was held at Duchesne.   Duchesne placed 2nd

Left to Right: Luka Mixan, Ruyuta Kure, Matt Thiele, Jacob Ramaekers,  Jacob Bova, Andrew Ahn, Max deMayo, Kevin Arul, Broden Kaps, Henry O'Callaghan, Michael Fischer, Walt Wear

Medal winners:
Andrew Ahn:  1st Math, 2nd Art, 3rd Literature
Broden Kaps:  2nd Science, 3rd Math and Art
Henry O’Callaghan:  1st Lit and Art
Matthew Thiele:  2nd Math, 3rd Science

Jacob Bova:  1st Science, 2nd Math
Max deMayo:  3rd Lit
Jackie Kure:  2nd Art and Science
Luka Mixan:  1st Lit and Art, 3rd Science

Kevin Arul:  2nd Art and Math, 3rd Science
Michael Fischer:  1st Art, 3rd Lit and Math
Jacob Ramaekers:  1st Lit, 2nd Science
Walter Wear:  1st Science, 2nd Lit, 3rd Art

The team also won first place in the super quiz.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Coach of the Year

Congratulations to John Gathje who was selected as the 2015 Cross Country Coach of the Year by the Nebraska Coaches Association.

 Nebraska Coaches Association

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Freshmen has high hopes for American Education

Hudson Hohman | Guest Writer
Freshman Temi Adeyemo came from Africa for a better chance at college. Adeyemo has very high hopes for his future and he is already on track to reach his goals.

“I really wanted to go to school in America” Adeyemo said.

Adeyemo already has big plans for his future. He says he wants to become a successful journalist and coming to america will help him get there. According to Adeyemo, getting into american colleges coming from a Nigerian high school is not easy.

“We get overlooked,” he said.

                         Temi Adeyemo during Math Class         photo by Cade Johnson
Adeyemo won’t let this get in the way of him doing what he wants though. He believes attending Mount Michael will give him the boost he needs to get into college, not unlike the majority of students who attend the school here.

“He cares alot about his work. Everybody here thinks he’s going to be super successful,” freshmen Jaret Kline said.

Adeyemo says his biggest achievement was his 30 on the ACT in eighth grade. Compare that the the 28 ACT average at Mount Michael (the highest high school ACT average in Nebraska).

“He is way too smart to be a frosh” freshman Taylor Davis said.

Adeyemo not only has the respect of his classmates but also his teachers “He cares a lot about his work and is always a good contributor in class,” Mr. Swanson said.

“I have already made tons of good friends and really enjoy the bond that comes with being a freshman here,” Adeyemo said. He has acclimated well to the boarding lifestyle and is doing very well in his classes. He is shaping up to be the all in one package, extremely smart and very well liked by his peers.

“I really like living there it was very fun but really crowded,” said Adeyemo about his home country of Nigeria. His parents are already very successful people, his father owns a pharmacy in Nigeria and his mother works at the University of Florida where she is a research scientist. Coming from Nigeria, Adeyemo has seen a very different side of the world. “There is definitely a very distinct poverty gap in Nigeria, there’s no middle class. You’re either very poor or not,” Adeyemo said.

Some may think of Adeyemo coming from Nigeria as a handicap; but he doesn’t mind it, he embraces it. He is following in the footsteps of every single one of our ancestors and Adeyemo is continuing in the long tradition of pursuing the American dream.