Sunday, January 3, 2016

Freshmen has high hopes for American Education

Hudson Hohman | Guest Writer
Freshman Temi Adeyemo came from Africa for a better chance at college. Adeyemo has very high hopes for his future and he is already on track to reach his goals.

“I really wanted to go to school in America” Adeyemo said.

Adeyemo already has big plans for his future. He says he wants to become a successful journalist and coming to america will help him get there. According to Adeyemo, getting into american colleges coming from a Nigerian high school is not easy.

“We get overlooked,” he said.

                         Temi Adeyemo during Math Class         photo by Cade Johnson
Adeyemo won’t let this get in the way of him doing what he wants though. He believes attending Mount Michael will give him the boost he needs to get into college, not unlike the majority of students who attend the school here.

“He cares alot about his work. Everybody here thinks he’s going to be super successful,” freshmen Jaret Kline said.

Adeyemo says his biggest achievement was his 30 on the ACT in eighth grade. Compare that the the 28 ACT average at Mount Michael (the highest high school ACT average in Nebraska).

“He is way too smart to be a frosh” freshman Taylor Davis said.

Adeyemo not only has the respect of his classmates but also his teachers “He cares a lot about his work and is always a good contributor in class,” Mr. Swanson said.

“I have already made tons of good friends and really enjoy the bond that comes with being a freshman here,” Adeyemo said. He has acclimated well to the boarding lifestyle and is doing very well in his classes. He is shaping up to be the all in one package, extremely smart and very well liked by his peers.

“I really like living there it was very fun but really crowded,” said Adeyemo about his home country of Nigeria. His parents are already very successful people, his father owns a pharmacy in Nigeria and his mother works at the University of Florida where she is a research scientist. Coming from Nigeria, Adeyemo has seen a very different side of the world. “There is definitely a very distinct poverty gap in Nigeria, there’s no middle class. You’re either very poor or not,” Adeyemo said.

Some may think of Adeyemo coming from Nigeria as a handicap; but he doesn’t mind it, he embraces it. He is following in the footsteps of every single one of our ancestors and Adeyemo is continuing in the long tradition of pursuing the American dream.