Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Conference Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon Team won the River Cities Conference Championship that was held at Duchesne.   Duchesne placed 2nd

Left to Right: Luka Mixan, Ruyuta Kure, Matt Thiele, Jacob Ramaekers,  Jacob Bova, Andrew Ahn, Max deMayo, Kevin Arul, Broden Kaps, Henry O'Callaghan, Michael Fischer, Walt Wear

Medal winners:
Andrew Ahn:  1st Math, 2nd Art, 3rd Literature
Broden Kaps:  2nd Science, 3rd Math and Art
Henry O’Callaghan:  1st Lit and Art
Matthew Thiele:  2nd Math, 3rd Science

Jacob Bova:  1st Science, 2nd Math
Max deMayo:  3rd Lit
Jackie Kure:  2nd Art and Science
Luka Mixan:  1st Lit and Art, 3rd Science

Kevin Arul:  2nd Art and Math, 3rd Science
Michael Fischer:  1st Art, 3rd Lit and Math
Jacob Ramaekers:  1st Lit, 2nd Science
Walter Wear:  1st Science, 2nd Lit, 3rd Art

The team also won first place in the super quiz.