Monday, January 18, 2016

Bits & Pieces

Chris Rogers Speaks to the Knights - More Photos
Martin Luther King Day Speaker
Mr. Chris Rogers spoke to a gathering of students in the DJ Sokol Chapel in honor of Martin Luther King Day.  Mr. Rogers who grew-up in East Saint Louis, IL is a former Creighton University basketball player and now works at Creighton as director of Community/Government Relations, and serves as an elected official on the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

It his talk Mr. Rogers spoke of the need to continue to work toward racial equality and challenged the students to be ready to make a difference in the struggle wherever and when the opportunities occur. 

Washington DC March for Life
On Tuesday afternoon eight Knights head off to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life event. They will travel by bus with a group of students from other archdiocesan schools. Mount Michael Theology teacher Mrs. Masek will accompany the Group.   Representing Mount Michael are Paul Dougherty, Garrett Engel, Ben Nigro, Jeremiah Connealy, Ben Hynes, Kalle Haines, Michael Ford, Christian Keller.
Photos from Washington DC March for Life 2016

Knights Win Academic Decathlon Regional Competition
Knights with their fists full of medals (photo courtesy of Dave Cormier)

First place in Super Quiz
Regional Champions
71 medals won out of 72 possible


  • Henry O’Callaghan:  1st in Art, Econ, Lit, & Music; 2nd in Science; 3rd in Math
  • Broden Kaps:  1st in Science; 2nd in Math, Music, Art, Econ, & Lit 

Alternate Honors: 
  • Andrew Ahn:  1st in Econ, Lit, Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Art
  • Matthew Thiele:  1st in Art, Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Econ; 3rd in Lit 

  • Jacob Bova:  1st in Math & Music; 2nd in Science, Art, & Lit; 3rd in Econ
  • Luka Mixan:  1st in Art & Science; 2nd in Econ & Music; 3rd in Lit

Alternate Scholastic:
  • Max deMayo:  1st in Art, Lit, Music, & Science; 2nd in Math; 3rd in Econ
  • Jackie Wu:  1st in Math, Music, & Science; 2nd in Art & Econ; 3rd in Lit

  • Walter Wear:  1st in Art, Econ, Math, & Music; 2nd in Lit & Science
  • Jacob Ramaekers:  1st in Lit & Science; 2nd in Art & Econ; 3rd in Math & Music 

Alternate Varsity:
  • Michael Fischer:  1st in Art, Econ, Lit, & Science; 2nd in Math & Music 
  • Kevin Arul:  1st in Math & Music; 2nd in Econ & Lit; 3rd in Art & Science