Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Knights Sweep French Knowledge Bowl Event

At the 2014 French Convention held at Creighton Prep, the Mount Michael Knights' French teams swept the Knowledge Bowl competition on all 5 levels.

Knowledge Bowl Championship Team Members:                                                More Photos

Level 1: Theo Chen, Tommy farhart, Dan Jewell, Ian Price, Steve Schneider, Marc Chin, Nicholas Vetter.
Level 2: Ben Benes, Robin Britt, Sunny Chen, Jin Gue Jung, Noah Kenney, Fletcher Lin, David Recic.
Level 3: Ian Alfieri, Sam Hiemerman, Alex Hotovy, Brian Kim, Sam Kim, Eric Sullivan.
Level 4 Chris Bierman, Bennet Bressman, Will Ernst, Jacob Eyth, Kevin Jewell, Jacob Bragg, Nhat Nguyen.
Level 5: Blake Batten, Collin Donahue, Steve Jeoung, Mathew Okalebo, Will Sleddins, Ryan Anderson, Jon Collins. 

Other Awards:
Blake Batten:  Overall Spelling Bee Champion

Jean-Marie Djidjoho: Poetry First Place Level 5 Native Speaker 

Ian Alfieri: Cooking First Place (Desserts – Une bûche Noël / a Christmas Cake Shaped like a yuletide Log)               

Volleyball First Place (almost every Mount Michael student played because people had to go to other competitions)