Monday, May 13, 2013

NSAA Journalism Results

Monday May 13 journalism students participated in the all-class state level competition.  This means the students competed against the top twelve journalism students in the state, no matter the class.   Placing in the top six at this level of competition is truly an achievement and validates the hard work these boys have put in every day.

Here are the results:

David Bastian-2nd place editorial cartooning
Randy Speer, Brian Kim, and Matt Okalebo-4th place yearbook theme development
Elliot Prusa-6th place headline writing
Gun Control –David Gatete, Elliot Prusa. Jacob Eyth, Jackson Taylor, Matt Okalebo: 9th In-Depth

In April in the Team Sweepstakes competition the Knights finished  3rd in Class C……three points for runner up, 5 points from first

Advertising – 3rd Yoon Ho
Editorial Cartooning- 2nd David Bastian
Entertainment Writing – 2nd Vinny Harvey 3rd Peter DeWald
Graphic Illustration- 3rd Jake Recker
Headline Writing – 1st Elliot Prusa, 2nd RandySpeer
Indepth 1st and 3rd Both were headed by Jake Recker
     Gun Control –David Gatete, Elliot Prusa. Jacob Eyth, Jackson Taylor, Matt Okalebo
     Nutrition – Jimmy Steir, Grant Ramm, Michael Budler, Elliot Prusa
 Sports Feature Writing – 2nd Elliot Prusa
 Yearbook Sports Feature Writing-2nd   Grant Ramm
 Yearbook Theme Development – Team Head Randy Speer- also included juniors Matt Okalebo and Brian Kim.

The following Qualified for the all class individual competition: David Bastian, Vincent Harvey, Moon sup Kim, Matt Okalebo, Elliot Prusa, Randy Speer