Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chemistry Teams Win Big

At the 2016 University of Nebraska Omaha Chemistry Field Day Mount Michael's chemistry teams came away with 1st place in the Advanced Division, 1st & 2nd place in the Primary Division, and a four team were the winners of the "Equation Balancing Act" event. 

Some of the other schools at the competition were Millard North, Millard West, Millard South, Duchesne, Blair, Northwest High School, and Skutt Catholic.

Way to Go Knights!

Team Thorium: 1st Place Advanced Division
Andrew Ahn, Alex Earsley, Jean Marie Djidjoho, Christian Keller, Jackie Kure, Junho Ho

Team Actinium: 1st Place Primary Division
Leo Li, Matthew Thiele, Kyeongmin Kim, Oscar Dong, Armel Mignondje, Garrett Gloeb

Team Iridium: 2nd Place Primary Division
Keyton Pappas, Matt Winters, Christian Mikulicz, Jeff Kim, Lucas Rief

Team Meitenerium: Winners of Equation Balancing Act
Ben Hynes, Ryan Reid, Tony Tang, Ian Price, Elliott Heineman, Eric Zhang