Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Brother Roger Professes Final Vows.

On Sunday April 17, 2016 Bro. Roger Mangels, OSB professed his Solemn Vows as a monk of Mount Michael Abbey.  For much of his life he worked as an actor before he felt the call to religious life.  He spent several years at Blue Cloud Abbey learning about monastic life.  Blue Cloud closed a few years ago which brought Bro Roger to us.  He currently works with the students in drama, serves as sacristan, helps in the school library and tends to the prayer garden.  More Photos

Kneeling before Abbot Michael Liebl, Bro Roger professes his vows.
Bro. Roger is covered with a funeral pall representing death to his old life and then resurrection to a new life as a monk of Mount Michael Abbey.
Tony Tang '16, Rev. Bro. August Schaefer, Bro. Roger Mangels, Abbot Michel Liebl, Levi Kicken ''19