Monday, April 22, 2013

May Day: Service & Fun

When you think of May Day you think of sun and warmth but this cold and damp spring it has been hard to find a good day for outside activities.  Nevertheless, we did manage to get a sunny day even if it started out below freezing.

Everyone bundled up in sweat shirts for the morning service work. The entire school assembled in the chapel for a brief prayer and instructions for projects to be completed which included such things as sorting and moving items between storage sheds, planting trees, and reworking the long jump pits.

After lunch the track and baseball teams headed off for competitions and the remainder of the student body shifted into game mode.  The school divided up into teams for massive games of War Ball in the gym and a series of “grade school games” on the practice field.  Sharks and minnows, Red Rover and Duck, Duck, Goose have a different character when you are a teenager.  It was all lots of fun and provided laughter and release before the final drive of studies to the end of the school year. More Photos