Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knights Win at Chemistry Field Day

 At the University of Nebraska Omaha Chemistry Field Day, Mount Michael's Team Hydrogen took 1st place in the overall competition in the advanced division. Duschesne finished in 2nd place and Westside 3rd place . Some of the other schools competing at the tournament were Blair, Central, Creighton Prep, Fremont-Mills, Glenwood, Lincoln High, Lincoln Southwest, Millard South, and Skutt Catholic.
Team Hydrogen: John Choi, Steve Jeoung, Tony Gao, D.J. Wooton, Paul Kujawa
From the lower division the Knights were represented by five teams two of which won 1st place in an event. Team Uranium won "Fax and Facts", while team Praseodymium won "Equation Balancing Act". Schools from Blair, Westside, Lincoln Southwest, and Duchesne each won one event.
Team Uranium: Young-Joon Park, Jonathan Collins, Cameron Bretsen, Zach Frevert, and Jin Seo Kim
Team Praseodymium: Marcus Cronin, Gus deMayo, Luke Tucker, Eun Woo Jee, Taesung Kim