Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What to do without Zohner?

Patrick Halpin | Features Editor for THE MOUNT

As students turn the corner heading east into the Science wing they will more than likely hear the enthusiastic voice of Mrs. Zohner (more commonly known as Ms. Z), speaking on and on about the wonders of chemistry. Whether it’s memorizing the periodic table or discussing the outcome of chemical reactions her voice can be heard loud and clear throughout the hall.

Chemistry Teacher Leah Zohner on Maternity Leave
photo by Homer Xu
However, to many students dismay, sometime around September 25 that loud voice and those long drives in from Lincoln will be temporarily absent from our halls. Zohner is pregnant. She is due September 25 and says, “I plan on working until the baby has other plans.”

But the big question people are asking is, “What are we going to do without Zohner?”

Junior Joe Coldiron, is currently in AP Chemistry with Zohner. He says the class is fun but it definitely takes a lot of hard work. “She cares enough to stay late after school and make sure her students fully understand the subject and because she drives in from Lincoln everyday, it’s even more of a commitment.”

A chemistry class without Zohner is somewhat of a foreign idea to Mount Michael. Since 2012 she has been the person to talk to when it comes to her science. However, she says there is no need to worry. Dr. Peck, a friend of Zohner’s, will be subbing in for her during her maternity leave. She has studied general chemistry, forensic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry and Zohner says she is more than qualified to take her place.

In addition to being in charge of all things Chemistry, Zohner has also been the throwing coach for track and field since 2012. But, she has decided to step down from her position this year. She says that she has decided to spend more time with her family considering she has a baby on the way. However, Zohner says she still plans on coming out to track meets to watch her old players compete.

“I really enjoy how many kids get excited about science, which is sometimes hard to find. It makes my job really easy because people actually want to learn,” Zohner said.

Although Zohner says she will not be gone for long, “it will still definitely be a change” Coldiron said. Whether it has been throwing in the spring or learning the basics of chemistry, all students have been impacted by Ms. Z by the end of their sophomore year. Thankfully, she will not be gone for long.