Friday, November 20, 2015

Math Team Win's Division; Place 2nd in State Overall; Soo Young Choi Takes 1st As Individual

At the 2015 UNL Math Day, 98 schools and 1523 students participated in the math competitions.  In the PROBE I competition, Mount Michael took first place in their division and second place out of all divisions.  This marks the 10th time in the last 11 years that Mount Michael placed first in their division. Individually for the Knights Soo Young Choi place 1st overall. Congratulations to all!

All Classes (98 schools)
Lincoln East (78.6)
Mount Michael Benedictine (75.25)
Omaha Creighton Prep (70.6)
Omaha Brownell-Talbot (67)Lincoln Southwest (66.2)

Class III
Mount Michael Benedictine (75.25)
Omaha Skutt Catholic (53.5)
Roncalli Catholic (44.25)
Norris (43.75)
Concordia Lutheran (42)

1st Place Individual Probe Test II
Soo Young Choi  placed 1st in the Probe II test at the UNL Math Day.  The Probe II test combines the Probe I exam (25 multiple choice questions) with a 6 question test (they are graded on their work and answer), then they combine the scores to come up with the overall winners and award scholarships to the top ten individuals.  By placing first Soo Young has earned an $8000 scholarship to UNL.  This is the first time ever that a Mount Michael student has placed first.  Jae Jun Park placed in the top ten, twice, in previous years.

Notable Mount Michael individual results out of 1523 students taking Probe I test
Soo Young Choi – 4th place - 1st Place Probe II exam. Wins $8,000 UNL Scholarship
Junbin Huang – 13th place
Jae Jun Park – 17th place
Junho Ho – 24th place
Yixie Chin – 29th place
Zach Cairney – 30th place
Bokai Zhang – 30th place
Min Chang Kim – 38th place

Knights Participating:
Seniors                                             Sophomores
Jae Jun Park                                       Garrett Gloeb
Yixie Chin                                         Lukas Williams
Junbin Huang                                    Nolan Huetter
Min Chang Kim                                Dash Wedergren
Christian Keller                                 Matthew Thiele
                                                          Jack Sun
                                                          Jordan Nguyen
Juniors                                              Leo Li
Shengwei Dai                                    Oscar Dong
Broden Kaps                                    
Zach Cairney
Junho Ho                                                     Freshmen
Jin Seok Jung                                           Soo Young Choi
Alex Earsley                                            Sebastian Esquivel
Ryuta Kure                                              Patrick Collins
Jihwan Shin                                             Leihao Fang
Dylan Herrman                                        Bokai Zhang
Andrew Ahn                                            JP Jensen