Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Meet the Frosh: JP Jensen

Cade Johnson | Staff Writer for THE MOUNT

J.P Jensen / Photo by Cade Johnson
As the 2015 school year rolls around, the class of 2019 begins their journey of high school. However, Mount Michael isn’t just a school, it’s a brotherhood. This brotherhood is built upon the relationships you make freshman year and getting to know your classmates on a deeper level. This deeper level is what makes the Mount different. Every class has their characters and personalities. The class of 2019 brings J.P. Jensen for example.

Jensen graduated from Saint Margaret Mary in 2014, and has a wide range of interests. He enjoys computers, cars, and game shows to name a few of his enthusiasms. His favorite computers are Apple computers.

“I think personally they’re better than PC’s,” Jensen said. One of his favorite shows is a 1970’s show called Match Game which is a revival of an earlier show called The Match Game from the late 1960’s.

Jensen participates in cross country on the junior varsity team. He chose cross country because, as he jokingly pointed out, he “wouldn’t last too long in football.” Jensen is not a fan of tennis either, although he has played tennis before for fun. According to Jensen tennis “would be a lot more fun when you can hit the ball.”

He plans on trying out for bowling in the winter, a sport he has lots of experience in. Jensen used to go bowling with his mom when he was younger. He would tag along on weekday mornings. In the spring, Jensen will try out for the golf team. His reasoning is straightforward: “I’m not a fan of baseball, soccer, or track.” He has high hopes for the golf season this year.

The transition from grade school to high school can be tough for some people. Especially if your new home is Mount Michael. Judging by the first couple of weeks, Jensen has transitioned well. One of his favorite teachers, similar to the majority of his classmates, is English teacher John Gathje.

“He’s very funny, and makes class fun!” Jensen said enthusiastically. This is not a surprise as Gathje makes the sudden and somewhat intimidating shift into high school a fun experience.

Jensen enjoys being a day student but is thinking about trying out boarding. He especially likes the brotherhood that his classmates and him are building in their first year and hopes it will only grow as his time at the Mount continues.