Monday, November 16, 2015

On Monday Next

"One Monday Next" - More Photos
The Mount Michael Drama Department recently performed the English comedy "One Monday Next".
It is the story of a repertory company which is holding the second rehearsal for next week's play and things are proceeding in customary confusion. The star is in a hassle with her husband, who also plays the part of her husband in the play within a play. This by play adds plentifully to the confusion of the dialogue. The author, of course, shows up to offer his invaluable talent to the poor producer who is a pretty worried guy at this point. He has just been fished out of the orchestra pit into which he fell after a sally with a left handed carpenter and an amateur electrician who switched off the lights. An imperturbable old trouper does her best to pacify all hands, but prospects are not hopeful. There are further maladroit inventions by the carpenter and the stage manager departs in a temper as the remainder settle down noisily to resume the rehearsal. (Description from

Character Actor Character Actor
The Producer (Harry Blacker) Elliott Heineman George Ben Benes
Maud Baron Katie Evans Jerry Winterton Robert Baxley
The Author J. P. Jensen Daphne Way McKenzie DuVal
Avis Clare Cerise Trawicki Jackson Harley Thomas D'Aquila
Mary Manners Kelsey Keres Sandra Layton Alejandra Garcia
Norwood Beverly David Mordan A Doctor Michael Kim
Ambulance Man Jean-Marie Djidjoho Ambulance Man Jeff Prince
Dumpy the Dog Cajun the Dog
Stange Manager Luka Mixan Stage Manager Patrick Fayad
Drama Sponsors Bro. Roger Mangels Drama Sponsor Noelle Kunkel