Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Repairs & Upgrades

Track Resurfacing - More photos
Every summer while students and faculty are on break various repairs and upgrades are undertaken at the Mount.   So far the track has been resurface and will be painted in the near future.  The stage roof has been recovered to stop some pesky leaks, the server room has been remodeled and segmented into additional office space for faculty. Currently worn pavement is being replaced in front of the Chapel and in the near future carpet will be replace the rubberized surface on the ramp between the school and gym.   

The most exciting upgrade for campus this summer is a 3 mile fiber-optic line has been run and currently being connected to the buildings.   This line was schedule to be completed the end of July but but it looks like it might be ready early in the month! Photos

Regular repairs and upkeep are in full swing.  Leading the way in keeping the grounds in tip top shape are alums Colten Boison ' 14 and Lucas Tucker'15.     

A Fiber-Optic Line is laid along Mount Michael Road to bring improved internet connectivity to the Mount