Friday, July 3, 2015

Christian (Andy) Dunbar ’89 Navy Seal, Named Tillman Scholar

Christian (Andy) Dunbar ’89, Cmdr US Navy, was recently named a 2015 Tillman Scholar by the Pat Tillman Foundation.  After actively serving as a Navy Seal he is pursuing a Masters of Business Administration at UCLA.

The following Bio is extracted from the Tillman Scholars announcement.

"There is nothing that we can't do when we put our mind and our passion to it. we change the world...and we must take our place in making positive change happen. for if not us, then who?"

Growing up during the height of the Cold War, Christian felt there seemed nothing more important than defending the survival of the american way of life. since receiving a Navy ROTC scholarship for college, his military career has been much more than he could have every expected, spanning over 22 years, 44 countries and for different combat campaigns. in his own words, he has been fortunate to have led operation at critical and strategic crossroads in world history.

Through his service, Christian has seen, first hand, the the heroism of service members on a daily basis, the ferocity of their fight for each other, their dedication and passion taking care of the wounded and fallen, and the compassion they have with families who are simply caught up in war trying to survive.  Above all, he has been humbled by the complete selfless dedication of those who have directly served with and for him.

Today, while pursuing his studies in business at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, Christian continues to serve in the Navy. His academic and future career goals are specifically rooted in a deeper sense of purpose to adapt lessons from the military to bring about substantial and lasting social change on the topic of sexual assault and domestic violence prevention.  As the father of three girls and a veteran who has witnessed atrocities overseas, he wants to create meaningful change across companies, organizations and college campuses, where it's estimated 1 in 4 students are assaulted in their time at university.  He hopes to bring his decades of leadership and experience to developing and delivering behavioral health and ethical culture programs to bring about broader social change.

The following is extracted from his last change of Command:

CDR Christian Dunbar is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and son of Bill and Sheri Dunbar.  He was commissioned in 1993 following his graduation with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.  He graduated Basic Underwater Demolition and SEAL training with his original class 191. His Platoon leadership assignments include four deployments with SEAL Teams THREE and EIGHT, and Seal Delivery Team ONE in support of contingency Operations SOUTHERN WATCH, NOBLE ANVIL, and ENDURING FREEDOM. He completed his assignment as SDVT-1 serving as the Operations Officer.

During his assignment at Special Operations Command Pacific, he served as the Deputy Director of Plans and Policy, the Director for Maritime Counter Terrorism Operations in the Special Activities Division and Director of Maritime SOF Operations for JTF 515 and JTF 510. He then served as the Operations Officer and Executive Officer for Seal Team THREE and deployed withe the NSW Task Group - Arabian Peninsula in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in the Al Anbar Province.

He recently completed tours with Naval Special Warfare Group ONE as the Operations Deputy for Training, Readiness, and Capabilities and as the Director of Training and Operations Officer at the Naval Special Warfare Center. His last assignment was as the Director, Special Operations Planning and liaison Element - SOUTH for CFSOCC-A in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

CDR Dunbar is a graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School with Masters of Science in Defense Analysis (Irregular Warfare) and MS Space Systems Operations.  His personal awards include the Bronze Star with "V", Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service medal, Navy Commendation and Achievement medals and Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.