Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Knights welcomed into the Church at Easter Vigil

Ian Kirwan, Ray Dorsey, Abbot Michael, Edwin Huang, Tony Tang, Blake Worsham, John Gutsmiedl

In a historic first the Easter Vigil at Mount Michael saw three students become members of the Catholic Church.  Junbin “Edwin” Huang ‘16 and Ray Dorsey ‘16 received the sacrament of baptism.   Blake Worsham ‘18 then joined them in receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and Communion.  Muxuan “Tony” Tang ‘16 was Edwin’s sponsor, Ian Kirwan ’16 was Ray Dorsey’s sponsor and John Gutsmiedl  ’15 was Blake’s sponsor. Alex Davis led them this school year in preparation for this great event.  Congratulations to all three new members of the Church. This year’s Vigil service will be remembered in a very special way.