Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Knight Writers 4th @ State

Mount Michael's Journalism Team came in 4th out of 24 teams in Class B at the State Tournament held in Norfolk.

16 of Mount Michel's 19 journalism team members qualified for the state competition.


Group Entries: 
5th Yearbook Theme Development - Nash Kelly Nick Orr, Michael Ecker.
3rd In-depth News Coverage - Nick Orr, Joey Recker
4th In-depth News Coverage - Andrew Ahn, Miles Hock, Hudson Hohman, Joey Recker, Ben Bies.

Individual Medals:
1st Nick Orr - News Writing
2nd Ben Murray - Entertainment Writing
2nd Jack Avilla - News Writing
3rd Dan Jewell - Sports News Writing
4th Dan Jewell - Headline Writing
4th Kyeongmin Kim - Editorial Cartooning
5th Homer Xu - Photo Illustration
6th Homer Xu - News/Feature Photography

Congratulations Knights!