Monday, April 24, 2017

Academic Decathlon & Robotics Wrap-up Seasons

Last week Mount Michael's Academic Decathlon and Robotics teams competed at their national and international tournaments in Madison, Wisconsin and Louisville, Kentucky with great results.

Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon team finished in 3rd place in the small (< 650) school division and 2nd in the Quiz Bowl.  They also earned 14 individual medals.  The team also received the Rookie of the Year award for the highest team score among teams who where first time attendees at the event.

Individual Medalists:
Henry O’Callaghan: 3rd Literature, 3rd Science, Most Valuable Team Member, Team High Score
Gerald Righter: 2nd Social Science
Broden Kaps: 1st Speech, 3rd Essay, 3rd Math

Jackie Kure: 3rd Math, 3rd Interview, 3rd Speech
Donovan Clements:  3rd Literature

Kevin Arul: 1st Math, 3rd Art

Luka Mixan: 2nd Economics, 3rd Interview


The Robotics Team went 10-0 in the qualification matches and finished first place in their division!  They were one of just seven (out of 564 teams worldwide) to go undefeated through the qualification matches.  As one of the top eight teams, Mount Michael and their alliance partners advanced to the elimination matches and were not beaten until quarterfinals.

Congratulations Knights on your great seasons!