Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More than Meets the Eye: Nick Snyder

Joey Recker | Guest Writer for THE MOUNT

In tight knit communities, such as Mount Michael, people have the chance to really get to know each other, especially if the community is small. People who see each other every day also start to form what they think is a relatively accurate idea of who the others surrounding them are, but in reality, they can be wrong.

Take Nick Snyder for example. He is the ideal student. In fact, one of his goals this year is to make a 4.0 grade point average. He is focused, organized, and extremely relaxed. A calm and collected guy.

“He listens,” said Spanish I teacher Carolina Westling. “There is nothing bad about him.”

Mrs. Wessling also praised him for being very studious when he was in her class as a freshman
“He is a great representative of the Mount Michael community.” she said. Fellow classmate Jacob Idra said something along the same lines.

“Nick is a cool dude, he will listen to anything.” While another classmate, Tommy Weekly, noted that Nick is very tolerant and patient.

“He let’s me steal his Pepsi,” Weekly said. The two clearly get along very well.

But there is so much more to Nick’s character than these things. Idra met Snyder on the tennis courts freshmen year. He made friends with Nick easily, and the two enjoyed the season together.

“We always had a good time, he made it a better experience.” Idra said.

In fact, the two became close enough that Nick persuaded Jacob to join choir sophomore year, an activity that Idra never would have seen himself doing if it was not for Snyder.

Classmate and friend Tommy Weekly appreciates Snyder’s sense of humor, specifically because they find the same things funny. But what is most important to Weekly is that Snyder “is a good friend to keep around.” Tommy remembers sharing shows and books with Nick, and of course, he always listened.

Snyder is also a ‘car guy’ according to his close friends. One of his favorite hobbies is to work on his car on the weekends, a ‘92 Pontiac Firebird.

“It needs some work,” Nick commented. “It has panels coming off, no stereo or air conditioning.” But this does not phase Nick. He is passionate about putting in work on his car, and really enjoys driving on the weekends. One of his idols is Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Car Company. In Snyder’s eyes, Musk is a visionary and someone to model himself after.

In fact, one of his dreams is to become the CEO of a big company when he gets older, but this is only one of his dreams. He said that he could see himself becoming a doctor or an engineer. Whatever it is that he chooses his ambition and great communication skills will get him there. And he will probably listen to the people around him.