Monday, February 2, 2015

Quiet Student’s Talent Shines on the Lanes

Thomas D’Aquila | Staff Writer
Aaron Meyer’s unassuming nature may lead people to overlook him, but the bowling team knows this gentle giant to be a bowling wizard.

“I had bowling birthday parties at the old Elkhorn Lanes,” Meyer, a junior, said of his early years of the sport. “My dad always took me bowling and it was fun. I liked bowl­ing, so he eventually bought me my first bowling ball and I just sort of went from there.”

Junior Aaron Meyer preparing to throw a strike.
( Photo courtesy of Meyer family)
Meyer’s passion for the game grew as he began to view bowling in a more competitive light. “I started practicing the summer after eighth grade,” Meyer said.

He does feel that sometimes this sport is overlooked by his peers. “[Some people] don’t think it’s hard to do, or they see it as useless. But they don’t realize how much skill and dedication it takes,” Meyer said. “It’s not a basic sport, it kind of a unique thing.”

Meyer is not the only one in the family with the bowl­ing bug. Most of his family on his dad’s side have been on a competitive team at some point, reaching back to his great-grandfather’s love of the game.

More notably, Meyer’s father is a part of the coaching staff for Mount Michael’s team.

“He brings a lot of knowledge to the team, so I mostly look at him as a coach,” Meyer said. “[The team] respects him as a coach as well, but they also see him as my dad.”

Working so closely together Meyer and his father have developed a shorthand way of communicating during a match.

“We have a connection. Some­times my dad will give me a look that says ‘What are you doing?’ But I will give him another look that says ‘I got this,’” Meyer said.

For Meyer, being on the bowling team is not too different from the casual bowling of his childhood.

“I guess it’s just kind of the atti­tude, which is more focused on scor­ing,” Meyer said. “It’s more about trying to get a better score and focus, not just goofing around. I clear my head and think about the importance of the match I’m heading into,”

With a first place in the individual series at district and a second place individually at state, Meyer seems to be doing just that.