Friday, February 13, 2015

Jewell thrives in new position at Creighton

Dan Jewell | Staff Writer "The Mount"
Mount Michael alumni are known for doing great things after high school, but one alumnus is doing something a bit different this year. As a freshman in college, Kevin Jewell (‘14) is already making the most of his opportunities. Jewell is a team manager for the Creighton Blue Jay basketball program.

Jewell played basketball while at Mount Michael, but decided to become a manager in college based on the advantages he saw from it. “It’s a great experience. I want to be involved in sports in some aspect later in life, so this will be helpful,” Jewell said. As manager, Jewell has a variety of responsibilities. Mainly, he helps out at practice by running the clock and setting everything up (i.e. jerseys, towels, and chairs). He also cleans all rooms and facilities associated with the basketball team, as well as occasionally getting food for the players. His job includes, as he puts it, “everything except coaching.”

Kevin Jewell '14 (Holding Ball) Photo by Emily Jewell
“You learn to take care of your responsibilities and make sure it all gets done,” Jewell said. While many students find that college is a lot of hard work and have little time for extracurricular activities, Jewell has learned to balance school and managing, though he admits he sometimes struggles with it.

“It is extremely hard. It’s partly because I love managing and basketball, so I spend a lot of time at the practice facility. But my grades are good and I love what I’m doing,” he said.

Jewell believes he is a good manager which the Blue Jays’ starting center, Zach Hanson confirmed, saying, “Kevin’s awesome. He always shows up ready to work. He puts in maximum effort and you can tell he cares about Creighton basketball. His jumper needs a little work though.”

Jewell credits his ability to balance managing and academics to Mount Michael’s education system. He is never worried about finishing an assignment on time because he knows how to use time effectively. This skill is essential for Jewell to keep up with all his academics while also excelling as a manager for the Jays.