Friday, May 9, 2014

Knights 2nd Place Nationally in Online Competition

United States Academic Decathlon
The United States Academic Decathlon is a ten-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students. Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 "A" or Honor students (3.750 - 4.00 GPA), 3 "B" or Scholastic students (3.00 - 3.749 GPA), and 3 "C or below" Varsity students (0.00 - 2.999 GPA).

In the small school division Mount Michael’s Academic Decathlon team placed 2nd nationally against schools from across the country.  In a score comparison of divisions, the Knights would have even placed second among the medium sized schools.

Representing the Knights in the National competition were: Jon Collins, Ben Connealy, Collin Donahue, Cameron Engel, Zach Frevert, Rowan Gruber, Alex Hotovy, Jacob Ramaekers, Adam Terasinski.

For overall individual national honors Adam Terasinski placed 2nd for a silver medal at the varsity level while Alex Hotovy placed 3rd for a bronze medal at the scholastic level.

In individual subject areas the Knights received the following:

Alex Hotovy:  1st place (scholastic)
Adam Terasinski:  2nd place (varsity)

Benjamin Connealy:  2nd place (varsity)

Rowan Gruber:  1st place (honors)
Jonathan Collins:  2nd place (honors)
Collin Donahue:  1st place (scholastic)
Adam Terasinski:  1st place (varsity)

Alex Hotovy:  3rd place (scholastic)
Adam Terasinski:  1st place (varsity)
Benjamin Connealy:  3rd place (varsity)

Jonathan Collins:  2nd place (honors)
Zach Frevert:  2nd place (scholastic)
Adam Terasinski:  3rd place (varsity)

Alex Hotovy:  1st place (scholastic)

Social Science:
Alex Hotovy:  2nd place (scholastic)
Adam Terasinski:  1st place (varsity)

The team has already begun to prepare for next year’s competition. The theme for 2014-2015 season is New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity and Innovation.