Monday, January 23, 2017

Academic Decathlon Team Wins Regional

On Saturday January 21st the Knights Academic Decathlon team won the regional competition held at Midlands University in Fremont, Nebraska.   They now are in preparation for the state competion to be held at Creighton University February 17-18, 2017.

Standing: Henry O'Callaghan, Donovan Clements, Broden Kaps, Jackie Kure, Luka Mixan, Kevin Arul, Joe Coldiron
Kneeling: J.P. Jensen, Cole McCoy, Cole Dorfmeyer, Gerald Righter. Not pictured: Jackson Panzer
 Medals from the regional competition

Henry O’Callaghan: 1st Econ, Lit, Math, Music; 2nd Art & Science; team high score
Gerald Righter: 1st Art & Science; 2nd Econ, Lit, & Music
Alternate Honors:
J.P. Jensen: 1st Econ, Music & Science; 2nd Art, Lit, & Math
Broden Kaps: 1st Art, Lit, & Math; 2nd Econ, Music, & Science

Joseph Coldiron: 1st Art, Econ, Math, Music, & Science; 3rd Lit
Donovan Clements: 1st Art & Lit; 2nd Econ & Science; 3rd Math & Music
Alternate Scholastic:
Jackie Kure: 1st Art, Econ, Lit, Math, & Music; 2nd Science
Cole McCoy: 1st Science; 2nd Lit & Math; 3rd Art, Econ, & Music

Kevin Arul:  1st Art, Math, & Music; 2nd Lit; 3rd Econ & Science
Luka Mixan: 1st Econ, Lit, & Science; 2nd Art; 3rd Math
Alternate Varsity:
Cole Dorfmeyer:  1st Econ, Lit, Math, Music, & Science; 3rd Art
Jackson Panzer:  2nd Art, Econ, Math, & Science; 3rd Lit

Regional Champions
First place in Super Quiz