Friday, September 6, 2013

28 Knights: 2013 AP Scholars

Congratulations to the many Mount Michael students and recent graduates who achieved the status of AP Scholars by the National College Board for their success on advanced placement exams last May. 

(5) AP Scholar with Distinction:    (*National AP Scholars)
John Choi*, Eun Woo Jee, Paul Kujawa*, Yun Sik Oh, James Steier
(6) AP Scholar with Honors
Peter Dewald, Hunter Hottovy, Yoon Ho Kim, Joe Kucirek, Randy Speer, David J Wooten
(17) AP Scholar
Gabe Cohen, Jarrett Crnkovich, John T. Cronin, Collin Donahue, Cameron Engel, Yutong Gao, Alex Hynes, Andrew Johannes, Christian Jones, Thomas Kalil, Moonsup Kim, John Mikulicz, Connor Moynihan, Jihoon Park, Jacob Recker, Kyle Silke, Scott Townsend.

Info on Scholars in past years