Thursday, November 15, 2012

Math Day Contest

At the UNL Math Day, Mt. Michael took 2nd place  in class B on the Probe I written exam and 3rd place in the Quiz Bowl.  Out of the 99 schools and 1389 students that participated, Eun Woo Jee placed 21st and Sung Han Yoon placed 26th.

Mount Michael’s participants were Ji Hoon Park, John Choi, Yutong Gao, Yoon Ho Kim, Yun Sik Oh, Eun Woo Jee, Moon Sup Kim, Sung Han Yoon, Cameron Bretsen, Jonathan Collins, Young Joon Park, Jin Seo Kim, Logan Larson, Dun Fletcher Li, Lucas, Tucker, Chongshi Sun, Christian Keller, and Changgi Kang. More Photos