Monday, November 5, 2012

Academic Decathlon Team News

On Saturday, November 3, Mount Michael participated in the first Academic Decathlon scrimmage of the year.  The scrimmage is not an official competition, but it helps schools see how they may compare in three of the seven academic areas and gives students an opportunity to practice under real test conditions.

Marcus Cronin:  2nd place in Math
Gus deMayo:  3rd place in Art
Alex Hotovy:  3rd place in Math, 2nd place in Language & Literature
Zach Starman:  3rd place in Language & Literature

Ben Connealy:  1st place in Art, 2nd place in Language & Literature
Ben Pape:  3rd place in Math
Adam Terasinski:  2nd place in Art, 1st place in Language & Literature

Gabe Cohen:  3rd place in Language & Literature
Collin Donahue:  1st place in Math
Andy Johannes:  1st place in Language & Literature
Scott Townsend:  2nd place in Math

John Choi:  2nd place in Math
Rowan Gruber:  3rd place in Math
Eun Woo Jee:  3rd place in Math

In addition, Thomas Kalil and Alex Hotovy received medals for having the highest overall scores for Mount Michael's team.