Friday, April 20, 2012

May Day is Back!

After being retired for nearly two decades May Day has returned to Mount Michael. Today’s adaptation of yesteryear’s celebration has been adapted to the times. The day consisted of two parts. The morning was devoted to community service and the afternoon to fun and games.
The day began with an assembly in the chapel where the day’s activities were explained. From the chapel everyone dispersed to their assignments. The indoor projects included cleaning and clearing out accumulated junk stored in the attic and the storerooms on the stage. Outside projects included such things as washing and cleaning the buses and trimming trees while the baseball field saw crews work on various landscaping projects. Even the friendly neighborhood goat helped out with picking up liter on 216th street.

At the end of the service projects lunch was served outside. Then it was time for Fun and Games! The school was divided up into teams which competed in Warball, Flag Football, and Frisbee Football.

Because of the heavily laden schedule of activities with Track, Soccer, Golf, Baseball, and Trap it is really very hard to find an “open” day to schedule such an event.
Even with the planning some students had to miss some of the afternoon fun to participate in a rescheduled track meet and the district music contest. Service Photos - Fun & Games Photos