Friday, November 18, 2011

D J Wooten: Man Behind the Beard

Nate Van Haute | Staff Writer for “The Mount”

DJ WootenEvery November at Mount Michael, new faces emerge, not because of transfer students or new teachers, but because of a fundraiser for a non-profit organization put on by student council. This year, D.J. Wooten has emerged as the top facial hair grower at the Mount. Along with many other students, Wooten paid 5 dollars in exchange for a shave-free month. Although many students admire Wooten for his uncanny ability to grow facial hair, there are many other reasons why students look up to him.

Wooten grew up hearing all about Mount Michael. His dad graduated from the Mount in 1987, and after earning his PhD in nuclear physics, he got a job working in the military. Because of this, the Wooten family has lived in many different places. Wooten moved to Nebraska right before his freshman year, and knew that Mount Michael was the place for him. “It was a tough transition at first, but I have come to love Mount Michael,” said Wooten. He admits to missing his friends in Ohio, but they keep in touch with Skype. “We often play Dungeons and Dragons, which is always a good time,” he said.

D.J. Wooten loves staying involved and cherishes the little free time that he has. At Mount Michael, he is involved in robotics, band, cross-country, wrestling, and track. He said, “I love being able to play sports at Mount Michael because of the small environment.” In the classroom, Wooten excels. He maintains a competitive GPA and is regularly active in the classroom.

Wooten said that his favorite teacher is Dave Cormier, not just because of his facial hair, but because of the way he runs his class. Wooten said that there is a lot of learning, and also a lot of laughing. Outside of the Mount, Wooten is also very involved. He is active in Boy Scouts and loves adventures. “My life has been one large adventure,” he said. “I don’t know many other kids who have moved six times.”

Other students admire Wooten for his study habits and personality. Classmate Jimmy Steier said, “D.J. is a really funny kid. He maintains a perfect balance of having fun and maintaining good academic standing.” Classmate Josh Bloomquist said, “We often call D.J. Sasquatch for his facial hair, but he takes it well. He gets along with everyone in the school and is a great role model.” Although his facial hair will be gone in December, Wooten will continue to be a model student.