Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 S.A.M.E. Teams Earn Mulitple Medals

Mount Michael's SAME teams won 9 medals in the 2016 annual competition. There were six categories they were judged on Applied Science, Innovation, Research, Sustainability, Teamwork and Technology.  The seniors received a total of 5 silver medals and 2 gold medals.  The juniors received 2 silver medals.

Back Row: Coach, Aaron Meyers, Kalle Haines, Alex Miklas, Coach
Front Row: Walt Wear, J.T. Hudson, Matt Amao, Jacob Ramaekers, Mrs. Theis
The senior team designed a Tree Top Teaching center for Shramm Park
Exterior Design View of "Roof Top Teaching"
Interior Design View of "Roof Top Teaching"
The Junior team members were: Michael Ecker, Sam Clements, Nate Carpenter, Joseph Coldiron, dylan Herrmann, Peyton Hottovy, Ryan Riddle, Jack Straka.

The Junior Team designed a new development building in close proximity to the school and dorms.
Site Plan for New Development Office
Congratulations to both teams on the success of their year long projects!

SAME - Society of American Military Engineers