Monday, February 22, 2016

State Championship 3-Peat

Congratulations to the Knights' Academic Decathlon Team on their third consecutive Nebraska small school State Championship!   The team will now prepare to compete in the National Online Competition in April. Good Luck with Nationals!

Back row: Max deMayo, Matthew Thiele, Luka Mixan, Mr. David Cormier (Coach)
Middle Row:  Jackie Wu, Henry O'Callaghan, Broden Kaps,
Front Row: Andrew Ahn, Jacob Bova, Kevin Arul, Jacob Ramaekers, Michael Fischer, Walter Wear

Awards from the State Competition

Broden Kaps:  1st Essay, 2nd Math, 3rd Speech & Econ; Team High Score; 2nd overall honors
Henry O’Callaghan:  1st Music; 2nd Econ & Lit; 3rd Art & Science; 3rd overall honors
Andrew Ahn:  3rd Art & Music
Alternate Honors: 
Matthew Thiele:  1st Hard Science & Soft Science, 2nd Humanities

Max deMayo:  1st Math, 2nd Art, Econ, Science, & Essay; 3rd Lit; 1st overall scholastic
Luka Mixan:  1st Art, Econ, Science, & Essay; 3rd Lit & Music; 2nd overall scholastic
Jacob Bova:  1st Music & Interview; 2nd Math, 3rd Art, Science, & Essay; 3rd overall scholastic
Alternate Scholastic:
Jackie Wu:  1st Hard Science & Soft Science, 2nd Humanities

Jacob Ramaekers:  1st Math & Speech; 2nd Essay, Art, Econ, Lit, & Music; 3rd Science, 1st overall varsity
Walter Wear:  1st Econ, Music, Science, Essay, Interview; 3rd Art & Math; 2nd overall varsity
Michael Fischer:  1st Art & Lit; 2nd Science; 3rd Essay & Econ; 3rd overall varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Kevin Arul:  1st Hard Science, Soft Science, & Humanities

58 subject medals won out of 90 possible
25 gold
16 silver
17 bronze

Second place in Super Quiz
State small school Champions