Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Renovations Around the Mount

Trees added to Picnic Grounds
As students and staff return to the Mount they are discovering that some renovations have been occurring.  Some new trees have been planted just south of the school to expand the reach of the picnic grounds.  Of course it will take a few years before they provide much shade but in time they will greatly improve the space.  North of the school the soccer field has been widened and reseeded.  On the north side of the track where an old freezer was used for athletic storage a new athletic storage building has been built.  The upper floor of the new building will provide filming and score keeping space for the renovated soccer field.   The Michaeleen/Development Office has received a face lift with the porch being rebuilt and sod and a sprinkler system was installed.

Inside the school the freshman deans living and office space has been expanded and renovated.  As a result the library made a few renovations that have allowed for the consolidating of the fiction section into one area and the rearrangement of the computer and magazine areas.  Four new computer stations have also been added.  Because of the growing enrollment an additional room dorm room has been added on the top floor.  The main entrance to the school is also being redone inside to provide better security and hospitality for guests.
Building Constructed on Athletic Fields

Near the Abbey a garage is being constructed to house the Abbey and school vehicles.  Construction will begin in August with a November 1st completion date.  This will allow the current garage, which is attached the gym, to be renovated into a new weight room at a future date.

A special thanks to everyone who assisted with the renovations and help prepare the Mount for the upcoming school year. More Photos