Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seder Meal at Mount Michael Holy Thursday

Although the Seder meal is supposed to happen in the evening, Mount Michael observed it during the noon meal so that all the students and staff could participate.

Devin Coyle, a former student of Mount Michael, led the community through the rituals of the meal and the significance of what the food means. In order to accomplish the rituals and explain the meanings of it all, it was necessary to proceed rather rapidly because of the limited time for lunch and trying to keep on schedule. But it seemed as if it was well received. Perhaps it was appropriate to move quickly through it all, since the Passover meal was actually done quickly.

The first part of the meal was typical Seder food: romaine lettuce, parsley, egg-boiled, horseradish, humus, matzah and apples and walnuts. An explanation of the use of these foods was presented and all partook of these food items. It was very interesting to watch the oldest person at each table break the matzah and share it with the individuals at the table.

The main meal consistent of: sautéed lamb on flat bread and latkas potato pancakes. There was plenty for all and this too was well received.

Dessert was baklava. For some of the students it was the first time for them to have eaten baklava, but observing their first impression seemed quite favorable.

The very last part of this lunch was each person receiving an Easter Egg—a plastic one. Each egg had candy or money inside. A few students could brag of receiving a five dollar bill. More Photos