Monday, January 28, 2013

Knights march for Life in Washington DC

by Vinney Harvey

One of my favorite times of the Year is when January comes around.  First off because it’s my birthday, and second it is when the march for life takes place.  The March for Life takes place every year around January 22nd.  This is because forty years ago on that date the monumental court case Roe V Wade was decided upon making abortion legal.  In memory of this fateful day hundreds of thousands of people from all over the United States come to the capital to let the government know what they are doing is wrong.

This year Mount Michael took six students, seniors: myself, Michael Budler, Joey Kucirek, Connor Moynihan Andrew Karstrom, and junior Justin Lytle along with their chaperone Father Gregorio.  Several of us are returning marchers while others are having their first march. The bus ride to D.C. is roughly 26 hours long.   Each year the long bus ride to D.C. seems to become more adaptable and I think the trick might be to take sleeping pills.  None the less the bus ride is a great way to meet new people and hang out with friends.

Before the march the Omaha diocese took part in some tourism.  One of the places that we stopped out on the way to D.C. was at the Notre Dame campus. We had mass at six in the morning at the Notre Dame church, it was a beautiful church.  We also had the opportunity to visit the Arlington national cemetery and witness the changing of the guards.  We also had the chance took go to several monuments like the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial, along with the World War II memorial and Vietnam memorial.   It was nice to not only go to D.C. to march for a good cause but to also a learn a little more about our nation’s history.

During the trip the students from Mount Michael got to know a lot about their chaperone Father Gregorio and he to them as well.  Father was very pleased with the leadership that the Mount Michael students exemplified on the trip.

At the end of our trip came the actual march.  It was hands down the coldest day of my life but I didn’t care we were there for an important reason.  We marched around capitol hill for about five hours and then made our way back to the busses.  Connor and I were interviewed by KVSS catholic radio station about the trip.  This trip was a great time to meet new friends, learn new facts about the United States, and defend the lives of the defenseless. More Photos