Monday, October 29, 2012

Canned Food Drive for Walthill Food Shelter

The canned food drive was a great success. In total, 1,230 lbs. of canned goods, cereals, and paper products were raised to aid an Indian Reservation in Walthill, Nebraska. The senior class narrowly edged out the sophomores by raising 370 lbs. The second, third, and fourth positions are as follows: the sophomores produced 360 lbs., the freshman raised 295 lbs., and the juniors totaled  205 lbs. The canned goods were delivered to the reservation by Fr. Dan Wittrock who is pastor of St. Augustine parish in Winnebago, NE. Fr. Wittrock was extremely pleased with the amount of cans generated in our drive. He commented that many shelters are running low on food products this season, and our efforts will alleviate the need for food in his community immensely. In addition, Fr. Wittrock noted that the unemployment rate at the Indian Reservation is currently 86%. We are grateful for all the support we received during this drive, and we thank those who donated time and money to this worthy cause. - More Photos

Jimmy Steier
Coordinator of Special Projects
Mount Michael Campus Ministry