Friday, April 27, 2018

Knight scores 36 on ACT

Congratulations to Mount Michael junior J.P. Jensen who recently scored a 36 on his A.C.T. exam.

J.P. is the son of Tom and Gerianne Jensen of Omaha, He attended Saint Margaret Mary School before coming to Mount Michael.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Knight Writers Garner Medals At State

The journalism team earned six first places and took fourth place in the NSAA state competition on Monday April 23 in Norfolk NE.  The team competed against 39 other teams in class B and took home 12 individual awards over all.  A big highlight this year was a strong sophomore showing.  Three qualified and all took home awards.  This was a first for the program.  Fourteen members of the team qualified for competition
Here are the individual results:

State Champions-1st place

  • Joey Recker ‘18-Entertainment Review Writing
  • Ben Bies ’18 – Headline Writing, In-depth Reporting
  • Nick Orr ’18 – News Writing
  • Andrew Nigro ‘ 18 – In-depth Reporting
  • Bo Kai (Kevin) Zhang ‘ 19 – Editorial Cartooning
  • Jimmy Crotty ’19 – Indepth Reporting
  • Cole Kalkowski ’19 – Indepth Reporting
  • Jacob Gathje ‘20 – Sports News Coverage, Yearbook Feature Writing

Second Place

  • Jimmy Crotty – Entertainment Review Writing

Third Place

  • Alex Schrier ’20 – Feature Writing

Fourth Place

  • Nick Orr – Yearbook Theme Copy Writing
  • Cole Kalkowski – News/Feature Photography
  • Drew Carleton –  Column writing
  • Bo Kai (Kevin) Zhang – Photo Illustration

Fifth Place

  • Nick Orr ’18, Bo Kai (Kevin) Zhang ’19, and Taylor Davis ’19 – Yearbook Theme Development

Sixth Place

  • Kolton Koubsky ’20 – Feature Writing

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Knights Place 2nd In History Academic Bowl

On Saturday April 21st 18 juniors participated in the 6th annual AP United States History Academic Bowl at UNO.

11 students won medals and Mount Michael Team A placed 2nd overall. 

Temi Adeyemo and Andrew Shellberg received medals for scoring in the top 10 of the multiple-choice section

Jacob Rapoza, Sam Eberle, and Jacob Benes received bronze medals in short answer writing

Max Nyugen and Andrew Shellberg received bronze medals in essay writing

Temi Adeyemo received bronze medals for DBQ writing

Sid DeMayo received a silver medal in short answer writing

Carson Leahy received silver medals in DBQ writing

Stefano Brunelli received a silver medal in essay writing

The team of Patrick Collins, Jacob Benes, Sid DeMayo, Temi Adeyemo, Kevin Zhang and Stefano Brunelli finished in 2nd place in the overall team competition.

Congratulations Knights!

Monday, April 23, 2018

S.A.M.E Competition

On Monday, April 16 the Junior and Senior SAME teams participated in the 2018 S.A.M.E. Competition held at the Scott Conference Center on the UNO Aksarben Campus.  There were 18 area High Schools and 19 area Middle Schools.  

Junior Team Design:
Dining and dorms in the Saint Benedict Building in the vacant areas created by the completion of the new David "DJ" Sokol Learning for Life Building.

The Juniors won $500 and an Award of Distinction for their design.

Those on the Junior Team were Cole Kalkowski, Sam Peters, Jarrett Cline,  Quinton Mohr, Gerald Righter, and Aiden Pace. 

Their project was the re-purposing of rooms left vacant in the original school building by the move to the new David "DJ" Sokol Learning for Life Building.  The three areas they looked at were enlarging the current dining area on the first floor, turning vacant classrooms on the second floor into 4-man dorm suites and expanding the freshmen living area.


The Senior Team members were Jeff Kim, Nolan Huetter, Thomas Janacek, Nolan Gottsch, Will Fleissner, and Grant Pavlik.

Their project was planning an athletic Complex as the second phase of the Mount Michael School expansion.
Senior Team Design:
New Gym


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Knight Writers Place 2nd at Media Day

The journalism team took 2nd place in the University of Nebraska Omaha Media Day Sweepstakes for the small class division which included all schools under 1500 students.  Submissions came from 22 other schools in this category from both Nebraska and Iowa.  The sweepstakes was calculated from point values given to each entry based on merit.

The following journalism students placed individually:

Cole Kalkowski, Ben Bies, Hudson Hohman and Joey Recker (In-depth News Stories)

  • 1st place-Opioid Crisis: In-depth
  • 3rd place – North Korean: In-depth

Kevin Zhang-1st Place Cartoon
Kolton Koubsky-1st place Feature writing
Cole Kalkowsi-3rd place Two-page layout
Jimmy Crotty -3rd place entertainment review writing
Skyler Davis- 3rd place New Story Broadcast

The newspaper itself also received 3rd place.

Spring Concert

The Mount Michael choir and jazz band put on an awesome concert for family, friends and staff in the Student Union.

The choir started the night off singing a capella Star Spangled Banner which they had also performed at several home basketball games.  They followed up with The Chariot Spiritual, The Flying Dutchman, and Goodnight, Sweetheart.

The Jazz Band played three pieces, It had to be you, It Don't Mean a Thing, and Moondance.

The selections this year were challenging pieces which they handled wonderfully.  Their hard work and challenging material should serve them well at the upcoming district competitions.

Mount Michael Choir Members

Trevin Detwiler, Adel Elbendary, Patrick Fayad, Christian Fletcher, Joshua Snyder, Nicholas Snyder, Blake Worsham, Jack Blaser, Ming Hint Chui, Jimmy Crotty, Skyler Davis, Jackson Heller, Trenton Sedlacek, Jimmy Severa and Kaleb Stavneak.

Mount Michael Jazz Band Members

Armel Mignondje, Addison Cousin-Hardrick, Cole McNally, Ben Keller, Levi Kicken, Matthew Collins, Cameron Detwiler, Ian Kim, Lincoln Badley, Jacob Gathje, Trevin Detwiler, Daniel Davies, Joshua Davies, Trenton Sedlacek, John Tuttle, Jack Blaser, Ming Hint Chui, Qixuan Ding, Max Swiniarski.

Music Files are available for download from Sycamore on the 
School Drive: Concert Files
The first two choir songs did not record due to operator error.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Outstanding Educator of the Year

Fr. Stephen Plank O.S.B.
Mount Michael is please to announce that Fr. Stephen Plank O.S.B. has been named as one of the 2018 Outstanding Educators of the Year for the Archdiocese of Omaha.

Each year a selection committee reviews numerous nominations for educators who represent the highest levels of expertise, dedication, and discipleship within Omaha's archdiocesan schools.

This award includes a monetary gift of $5,000. In addition , Fr. Stephen will be recognized at the 41st Annual Archbishop's Dinner for Education at the Embassy Suites, LaVista, on Thursday September 20, 2018.

Congratulations Fr. Stephen!

Monday, April 16, 2018

French Convention Results 2018

French Convention Results 2018

Level 1
Scott Ding                                                       Bien    

Alfonso Castillo                                              Bien
Sam Gustafson                                               Bien
Zach Rapoza                                                   Bien

Level 2
Jerry Fan                                                         First Place-Supérieur
Joey Chen                                                       Second Place-Excellent
Andres Carlton                                                Third Place/-Très Bien
Jimmy Kim                                                     Bien
Daniel Phan                                                    Bien

Level 3
Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur
Kevin Zhang                                                   Second Place – Excellent
Andrew Shelburg                                            Third Place - Très Bien
Leo Li                                                             Third Place – Très Bien
Stephano Brunelli                                           Bien
Zane Li                                                            Bien

Level 4

Jordan Nguyen                                                Third Place - Très Bien
Benjamin Bies                                                 Bien
Emmet Kenney                                               Bien

Level 5
Patrick Fayad                                                  First Place – Supérieur

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place- Supérieur
Zane Li                                                            Second Place – Excellent

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place – Supérieur

French Waiters’ Race
Sam Gustafson                                               Third Place - Très Bien

 Hors d’oeuvres           
Ryan Clark                                                      First Place – Supérieur

            Riley Kruse                                                     First Place – Supérieur

 Le plat principal
            Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur

French Culture Bowl
Sebastian Algrett
Ben Bies
Daniel Davies
Patrick Fayad                                                              First Place - Supérieur
Riley Kruse
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker
Tomas Weekly

Knowledge Bowl

 Level 1

Alfonso Castillo
Matthew Collins
Sam Corey
Scott Ding                                                                   First Place - Supérieur
Henry Gnann
Sam Gustafson
Jacob Rapoza
Jason Nyamatore

Level 2
Alfonso Castillo
Andrew Carlton
Jerry Fan
Allen Chen                                                                  Second Place - Excellent
Joey Chen
Jimy Kim
Daniel Phan

 Level 3

Sebastien Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Stefano Brunelli
Patrick Collins                                                             First Place - Supérieur
Daniel Davies
Leo Li
Andrew Shellberg
Kevin Zhang

 Level 4 First Place - Supérieur
Sebastian Algrett
Stepheno Brunelli
Scott Ding
Oscar Dong
Emmet Kenney
Joey Recker
Mathew Winters
Emmet Kenney
(maybe missing one)

 Level 5  Second Place - Excellent
Sebastian Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Partick Collins
Henry Gnann
Armel Mignondje
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker

Spelling Bee results are not coming since the person doing the first and second rounds did not keep score like the person for rounds three to five.

Friday, April 13, 2018

National Honor Society Induction

New members are sworn in.
With family and the entire student body in attendance 26 knights were inducted into Mount Michael chapter of the National Honor Society.  Current members spoke on the values of the NHS which the inductees swore to uphold.

New members are as follows:
Nicholas Akers, Laken Beller, Calvin Benson, Ming Hint Chui, Patrick Collins, James Crotty, Erik Degener, Matthew Draper, Shintaro Fujita, Jacob Gathje, Joseph Hitzemann, William Janecek, Ian Kim, Sanggyeom Kim, Kolton Koubsky, Cole McCoy, Cole McNally, Ian Miller, Alexander Payne, Benjamin Quinlan, Alexander Schrier, John Schroll, Joshua Snyder, Brayden Whitaker, Andrew Wilson, Harry Yin

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Science Teams: Awesome Results at Field Days


The Physics Teams placed 1,2,3 at the Creighton University Field Day in Omaha.

1st Place: Team Gold Foil
 2nd Place: Team Cosmic Microwave Background
3rd Place Team X-Ray

Team: Cosmic Background Radiation
Chalk Talk: Max Nguyen
Laser Aiming: Jordan Nguyen, Max Nguyen
Quiz Bowl: John Kuhry, Max Nguyen, Oscar Dong
Insulation: Christian Mikulicz, Jordan Nguyen

Team: X-Ray
Chalk Talk: Trevin Detwiler
Laser Aiming:
Quiz Bowl: Trevin Detwiler
Insulation: Devin Luque, Gerald Righter
Catapult Building: Kevin Zhang

Team: Gold Foil
Chalk Talk: J. P. Jensen
Laser Aiming: Gerald Righter, Devin Luque, Harry Yin
Quiz Bowl: Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng, J. P. Jensen
Insulation: Jimmy Crotty, Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng
Catapult Building: Zane Li, Harry Yin, Devin Luque

The Chemistry Teams placed 3rd in both the upper and lower divisions at the Chemistry Field Day.

All Chemistry Team Members
Lower Division 3rd Place
Upper Division 3rd Place

Monday, April 9, 2018

Night of Knights

Thank you to everyone for helping make the
2018 Night of Knights such a tremendous success!

Videos: Talladega Knights by Tom Elkins
Fund a Classroom created by Mount Michael Students

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Triduum at the Mount

With students going home for Easter break preparations and celebrations of the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter were undertaken.   

On Holy Thursday six students made a full day retreat at the monastery including a celebratory dinner and the evening Eucharist. Bro. Jerome, Fr. John, and Bro. August led 3 reflections for the retreatants during the day. The students participating were Andrew Nigro '18, Dash Wedergren '18, Jimmy Crotty '19, Trevin Detwiler '19, Gerald Righter '19, and John Scholl '20.

The Good Friday service at 3:00pm was well attended as usual.

At the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, three individuals were welcomed into the Catholic faith. Leo Li '18, Jerry Fan '20, and Mr. Robert Coon the father of alumni Caleb and Conner Coon.  In addition Andrew Shellberg '19 and Lincoln Badley '21 were Confirmed.

Liam West (Sponsor) Andrew Shellberg, Lincoln Badley, Abbot Michael, Leo Li, Jacob Idra (Sponsor)
Fr. John (Sponsor), Jerry Fan, Robert Coon, Caleb Coon (Sponsor)