Monday, February 26, 2018

National Award Received by Senior.

Mrs. Annette Jones (NCEA), Scarlett Wedergren, Shelly Wedergren, Dash Wedergren, Scott Wedergren,
Dr. Michael Ashton (Omaha Archdiocese Catholic School Office)

Senior Dash Wedergren has received the 2018 Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) for selfless service, determination, innovation and ideals that are changing the world.

“NCEA extends its sincere congratulations to all the winners and to all those who have supported the outstanding service and faith witness of these remarkable young people,” said NCEA Chief Leadership and Program Officer, Dr. Barbara Edmondson. “Young people in our Catholic schools are truly changing the world, one student at a time.”

Mrs. Annette Jones the NCEA, Washington D.C.
 presents Dash Wedergren with the Award
Dash was chosen from more than 1.9 million Catholic school students across the country. He was presented the prestigious NCEA Medal of Honor and Certificate on Monday, February 26, 2018 during our weekly chapel gathering at Mount Michael.

Monk Exchange Program: Dash and another student were looking through old yearbooks during their junior year and saw the monks and students sharing meals, playing cards, and socializing after class with the students. Dash wanted to increase the interaction between the students and the monastic community and founded the Monk Exchange Program as the first step in forming a stronger student connection with the monks. The Monk Exchange Program launched in the spring of 2017 and is run twice a month. Students sign up to go over to the Abbey, participate in night prayer, take a tour, and then enjoy socialization with members of the monastic community. Dash has worked diligently to make this program a success and he continues to add to the program to increase the connection between Mount Michael’s student body and the monastic community that makes the school possible.

“Dash is a true leader by both his words and actions,” said Dr. David J. Peters, Ed.D., Head of School. “He is very mature and kind, and he inspires others. In my thirty-four years in education Dash stands out as one of the finest students I have ever worked with.”

Dash is involved in a Gallup internship, Mock Trial, IT Club, Boy Scouts, Golf Team, and Student Council. He plans to major in Economics. His project centered around strengthening the connection between the students and the Benedictine Monastic community with a weekly prayer exchange. Each week a group of students joins the monks for a tour of the monastery, takes part in night prayer, and converses with the monks over ice cream in the Monastery dining room.

"I am honored to represent the on-campus monastic and Mount Michael Benedictine School community with this distinction,” said Dash. “The five Benedictine Values of service, community, integrity, hospitality, and moderation have and will continue to serve as a light to my path, and I am ever grateful to the monks for instilling these tenets in the students of Mount Michael."

The Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Awards program is made possible, in part, through the generosity and support of Cross Catholic Outreach, a Catholic ministry whose mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Cross Catholic offers dynamic programs and free resources to Catholic educators to engage students in faith-in-action service projects and works of mercy. For more information about Cross Catholic Outreach please go to

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is a professional membership organization that assists its members to fulfill their teaching mission of the Church and to lead, learn and proclaim the good

Congratulations Dash!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

State Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon team reigns once again as the Nebraska Small School State Champion. This is the Knights' 5th consecutive championship.

Cole Dorfmeyer, Riley Goddard, Daniel Davies, Temi Adeyemo, John Ackerman, Jackson Panzer, J.P. Jensen, Donovan Clements, Sam Peters, Gerald Righter, Shin Fujita, Dave Cormier, Eileen Sullivan

Medals from the State Competition
February 16-17, 2018

J.P. Jensen: 1st Econ, Math, Music; 2nd Art, Science; 1st overall Honors; Team High Score
Gerald Righter: 1st Art, Lit, Essay; 2nd Econ, Music, Speech;  2nd Overall Honors
Sam Peters:  1st Math; 3rd Speech
Alternate Honors:
Temi Adeyemo: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, and Humanities

Daniel Davies: 1st Math, Speech; 2nd Interview, Art, Lit; 3rd Econ; 2nd overall Scholastic
John Ackerman:  1st Econ; 2nd Lit, Science; 3rd Art, Math
Shintaro Fujita:  1st Math; 3rd Econ, Lit

Donovan Clements:  1st Art, Econ, Lit, Music, Essay; 2nd Science, Speech; 1st overall Varsity
Riley Goddard:  1st Math, Music, Science; 2nd Art, Econ, Lit, Essay; 2nd overall Varsity
Cole Dorfmeyer:  2nd Music; 3rd Art, Math; 3rd overall Varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Jackson Panzer:  1st Humanities & Soft Science; 2nd Hard Science

First place in Super Quiz
State Small School Champions
3rd overall in the state

Friday, February 16, 2018

Ash Wednesday Retreat

The Distribution of Ashes
Mount Michael took the day off from classes to spend a full day of retreat this Ash Wednesday.  The Theme for the retreat was "Brotherhood".  The day began with the distribution of ashes and the celebration of the Eucharist.

The retreat that followed was divided up into several breakout sessions, Brotherhood of Self, Brotherhood in Community, and Brotherhood in the Greater Community. Mount Michael alum Eric Crawford '01 was the keynote speaker of the day. He spoke on Brotherhood and the Greater Community.  Mr. Crawford is the Executive Director of the Heart Ministry Center in Omaha.

Students partake in one of three break-out sessions held during the day of retreat

Monday, February 12, 2018

Senior Featured in EDGE Magazine

Mount Michael Senior Lorcan Jamal was recently featured in the EDGE Magazine in an article titled "Aiming High"

Photographs by Christopher Tierney Photography 

What’s in a name? In the story of Mount Michael senior Douglas Lorcan Jamal, known by his middle name — an Irish surname that loosely translates to “determined little one” — it is a name that defines who he is and provides a glimpse of what he may someday become. His determination has been an ongoing theme. Born three months prematurely — underdeveloped and weighing less than 2 pounds — he faced an uphill battle for survival from the start.

Lorcan grew into boyhood but never felt he was where he belonged until he found Mount Michael, the Elkhorn-based boarding school that he claims became his saving grace. Jamal might be the school’s best ambassador. “He wanted to go to school at Mount Michael, and he’s very happy there,” said his mother, Malia Jamal. “If your child is happy, you’re happy.”

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mount Michael Alum on Jeopardy

Mount Michael Alum, Alex Hotovy '15, will be a contestant on Jeopardy this Thursday afternoon.

Alex Trebek with Alex Hotovy '15 
Alex is currently a student at the University of Nebraska majoring in advertising and history. Alex's three older brothers are also Mount Michael graduates, Mark '03, Paul '07, and Joel '11.  Steve and Margueritte Hotovy of Omaha are his parents.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sophomores Rule Talladaga Palace 500

The sophomore class celebrates as School Champions
The annual Mount Michael Night of Knights was kicked off with a rally held in the Mount Michael Gymnasium, known as "The Palace", with a friendly competition between the classes.  In keeping with this year's theme the challenge was to race a remote control car though a slalom course.  The Sophomores came away as the 2018 champions!  In head to head competition they defeated the Freshmen and then the Juniors who had earlier knocked out the Seniors.

A great lunch of hamburgers and brats followed.   More Photos

Friday, February 2, 2018

Academic Decathlon Regional Champions.

Gerald Righter: 1st Lit, Art, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Music; 1st overall
J.P. Jensen: 1st Music, 2nd Lit, Art, Math, Econ; 3rd Science; 2nd overall

Alternate Honors:
Sam Peters:  1st Music, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Art; 3rd Lit; 1st overall
Temi Adeyemo:  1st Lit, Art; 2nd Music, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd overall

John Ackerman:  1st Art, Music, Science; 2nd Lit, Econ; 1st overall
Daniel Davies:  1st Econ; 2nd Art, Music, Math, Science; 3rd Lit; 2nd overall

Alternate Scholastic:
Cole McCoy: 1st Lit, Art, Music, Science; 2nd Math, Econ; 1st overall
Shin Fujita: 1st Math, Econ; 2nd Lit, Science; 2nd overall

Donovan Clements:  1st Lit, Art, Music; 2nd Math, Econ, Science; 1st overall
Riley Goddard:  1st Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Lit, Art, Music; 1st overall

Alternate Varsity:
Cole Dorfmeyer:  1st Lit, Music, Econ, Science; 2nd Art, Math; 1st overall
Jackson Panzer:  1st Art, Music, Math; 2nd Lit, Econ, Science; 2nd overall

Congratulation Knights!
Good Luck at the State Championship Competition!