Monday, April 16, 2018

French Convention Results 2018

French Convention Results 2018

Level 1
Scott Ding                                                       Bien    

Alfonso Castillo                                              Bien
Sam Gustafson                                               Bien
Zach Rapoza                                                   Bien

Level 2
Jerry Fan                                                         First Place-Supérieur
Joey Chen                                                       Second Place-Excellent
Andres Carlton                                                Third Place/-Très Bien
Jimmy Kim                                                     Bien
Daniel Phan                                                    Bien

Level 3
Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur
Kevin Zhang                                                   Second Place – Excellent
Andrew Shelburg                                            Third Place - Très Bien
Leo Li                                                             Third Place – Très Bien
Stephano Brunelli                                           Bien
Zane Li                                                            Bien

Level 4

Jordan Nguyen                                                Third Place - Très Bien
Benjamin Bies                                                 Bien
Emmet Kenney                                               Bien

Level 5
Patrick Fayad                                                  First Place – Supérieur

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place- Supérieur
Zane Li                                                            Second Place – Excellent

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place – Supérieur

French Waiters’ Race
Sam Gustafson                                               Third Place - Très Bien

 Hors d’oeuvres           
Ryan Clark                                                      First Place – Supérieur

            Riley Kruse                                                     First Place – Supérieur

 Le plat principal
            Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur

French Culture Bowl
Sebastian Algrett
Ben Bies
Daniel Davies
Patrick Fayad                                                              First Place - Supérieur
Riley Kruse
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker
Tomas Weekly

Knowledge Bowl

 Level 1

Alfonso Castillo
Matthew Collins
Sam Corey
Scott Ding                                                                   First Place - Supérieur
Henry Gnann
Sam Gustafson
Jacob Rapoza
Jason Nyamatore

Level 2
Alfonso Castillo
Andrew Carlton
Jerry Fan
Allen Chen                                                                  Second Place - Excellent
Joey Chen
Jimy Kim
Daniel Phan

 Level 3

Sebastien Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Stefano Brunelli
Patrick Collins                                                             First Place - Supérieur
Daniel Davies
Leo Li
Andrew Shellberg
Kevin Zhang

 Level 4 First Place - Supérieur
Sebastian Algrett
Stepheno Brunelli
Scott Ding
Oscar Dong
Emmet Kenney
Joey Recker
Mathew Winters
Emmet Kenney
(maybe missing one)

 Level 5  Second Place - Excellent
Sebastian Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Partick Collins
Henry Gnann
Armel Mignondje
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker

Spelling Bee results are not coming since the person doing the first and second rounds did not keep score like the person for rounds three to five.