Monday, February 12, 2018

Senior Featured in EDGE Magazine

Mount Michael Senior Lorcan Jamal was recently featured in the EDGE Magazine in an article titled "Aiming High"

Photographs by Christopher Tierney Photography 

What’s in a name? In the story of Mount Michael senior Douglas Lorcan Jamal, known by his middle name — an Irish surname that loosely translates to “determined little one” — it is a name that defines who he is and provides a glimpse of what he may someday become. His determination has been an ongoing theme. Born three months prematurely — underdeveloped and weighing less than 2 pounds — he faced an uphill battle for survival from the start.

Lorcan grew into boyhood but never felt he was where he belonged until he found Mount Michael, the Elkhorn-based boarding school that he claims became his saving grace. Jamal might be the school’s best ambassador. “He wanted to go to school at Mount Michael, and he’s very happy there,” said his mother, Malia Jamal. “If your child is happy, you’re happy.”