Thursday, January 18, 2018

River Cities Conference Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon Team won the conference championship which was recently held at Duchesne High School in Omaha.  Congratulation Knights!

Temi Adeyemo, John Ackerman, Donovan Clements, Gerald Righter, Cole Dorfmeyer, Jackson Panzer, Dave Cormier,
Front Row: J.P. Jensen, Sam Peters, Daniel Davies, Cole McCoy, Riley Goddard, Shin Fujita

Academic Decathlon
Medals from River Cities Conference
January 17, 2018

Temi Adeyemo: 3rd Econ, 3rd Art, 3rd Literature 
J.P. Jensen:  1st Math, 1st Econ, 2nd Art, 2nd Lit 
Sam Peters:  3rd Math
Gerald Righter:  1st Lit, 1st Art, 2nd Math, 2nd Econ                                                

John Ackerman:  2nd Art, 2nd Lit, 2nd Econ 
Daniel Davies:  1st Lit, 2nd Math, 3rd Econ
Shin Fujita:  1st Math
Cole McCoy:  1st Art

Donovan Clements:  1st Art, 1st Lit, 2nd Econ 
Cole Dorfmeyer:  2nd Math, 3rd Art, 3rd Econ
Riley Goddard: 1st Math, 1st Econ, 2nd Art, 2nd Lit

Super Quiz 1st place
River Cities Conference Champions