Thursday, April 19, 2018

Knight Writers Place 2nd at Media Day

The journalism team took 2nd place in the University of Nebraska Omaha Media Day Sweepstakes for the small class division which included all schools under 1500 students.  Submissions came from 22 other schools in this category from both Nebraska and Iowa.  The sweepstakes was calculated from point values given to each entry based on merit.

The following journalism students placed individually:

Cole Kalkowski, Ben Bies, Hudson Hohman and Joey Recker (In-depth News Stories)

  • 1st place-Opioid Crisis: In-depth
  • 3rd place – North Korean: In-depth

Kevin Zhang-1st Place Cartoon
Kolton Koubsky-1st place Feature writing
Cole Kalkowsi-3rd place Two-page layout
Jimmy Crotty -3rd place entertainment review writing
Skyler Davis- 3rd place New Story Broadcast

The newspaper itself also received 3rd place.

Spring Concert

The Mount Michael choir and jazz band put on an awesome concert for family, friends and staff in the Student Union.

The choir started the night off singing a capella Star Spangled Banner which they had also performed at several home basketball games.  They followed up with The Chariot Spiritual, The Flying Dutchman, and Goodnight, Sweetheart.

The Jazz Band played three pieces, It had to be you, It Don't Mean a Thing, and Moondance.

The selections this year were challenging pieces which they handled wonderfully.  Their hard work and challenging material should serve them well at the upcoming district competitions.

Mount Michael Choir Members

Trevin Detwiler, Adel Elbendary, Patrick Fayad, Christian Fletcher, Joshua Snyder, Nicholas Snyder, Blake Worsham, Jack Blaser, Ming Hint Chui, Jimmy Crotty, Skyler Davis, Jackson Heller, Trenton Sedlacek, Jimmy Severa and Kaleb Stavneak.

Mount Michael Jazz Band Members

Armel Mignondje, Addison Cousin-Hardrick, Cole McNally, Ben Keller, Levi Kicken, Matthew Collins, Cameron Detwiler, Ian Kim, Lincoln Badley, Jacob Gathje, Trevin Detwiler, Daniel Davies, Joshua Davies, Trenton Sedlacek, John Tuttle, Jack Blaser, Ming Hint Chui, Qixuan Ding, Max Swiniarski.

Music Files are available for download from Sycamore on the 
School Drive: Concert Files
The first two choir songs did not record due to operator error.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Outstanding Educator of the Year

Fr. Stephen Plank O.S.B.
Mount Michael is please to announce that Fr. Stephen Plank O.S.B. has been named as one of the 2018 Outstanding Educators of the Year for the Archdiocese of Omaha.

Each year a selection committee reviews numerous nominations for educators who represent the highest levels of expertise, dedication, and discipleship within Omaha's archdiocesan schools.

This award includes a monetary gift of $5,000. In addition , Fr. Stephen will be recognized at the 41st Annual Archbishop's Dinner for Education at the Embassy Suites, LaVista, on Thursday September 20, 2018.

Congratulations Fr. Stephen!

Monday, April 16, 2018

French Convention Results 2018

French Convention Results 2018

Level 1
Scott Ding                                                       Bien    

Alfonso Castillo                                              Bien
Sam Gustafson                                               Bien
Zach Rapoza                                                   Bien

Level 2
Jerry Fan                                                         First Place-Supérieur
Joey Chen                                                       Second Place-Excellent
Andres Carlton                                                Third Place/-Très Bien
Jimmy Kim                                                     Bien
Daniel Phan                                                    Bien

Level 3
Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur
Kevin Zhang                                                   Second Place – Excellent
Andrew Shelburg                                            Third Place - Très Bien
Leo Li                                                             Third Place – Très Bien
Stephano Brunelli                                           Bien
Zane Li                                                            Bien

Level 4

Jordan Nguyen                                                Third Place - Très Bien
Benjamin Bies                                                 Bien
Emmet Kenney                                               Bien

Level 5
Patrick Fayad                                                  First Place – Supérieur

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place- Supérieur
Zane Li                                                            Second Place – Excellent

Kevin Zhang                                                   First Place – Supérieur

French Waiters’ Race
Sam Gustafson                                               Third Place - Très Bien

 Hors d’oeuvres           
Ryan Clark                                                      First Place – Supérieur

            Riley Kruse                                                     First Place – Supérieur

 Le plat principal
            Daniel Davies                                                 First Place – Supérieur

French Culture Bowl
Sebastian Algrett
Ben Bies
Daniel Davies
Patrick Fayad                                                              First Place - Supérieur
Riley Kruse
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker
Tomas Weekly

Knowledge Bowl

 Level 1

Alfonso Castillo
Matthew Collins
Sam Corey
Scott Ding                                                                   First Place - Supérieur
Henry Gnann
Sam Gustafson
Jacob Rapoza
Jason Nyamatore

Level 2
Alfonso Castillo
Andrew Carlton
Jerry Fan
Allen Chen                                                                  Second Place - Excellent
Joey Chen
Jimy Kim
Daniel Phan

 Level 3

Sebastien Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Stefano Brunelli
Patrick Collins                                                             First Place - Supérieur
Daniel Davies
Leo Li
Andrew Shellberg
Kevin Zhang

 Level 4 First Place - Supérieur
Sebastian Algrett
Stepheno Brunelli
Scott Ding
Oscar Dong
Emmet Kenney
Joey Recker
Mathew Winters
Emmet Kenney
(maybe missing one)

 Level 5  Second Place - Excellent
Sebastian Algrett
Temi Adeyemo
Partick Collins
Henry Gnann
Armel Mignondje
Jordan Nguyen
Joey Recker

Spelling Bee results are not coming since the person doing the first and second rounds did not keep score like the person for rounds three to five.

Friday, April 13, 2018

National Honor Society Induction

New members are sworn in.
With family and the entire student body in attendance 26 knights were inducted into Mount Michael chapter of the National Honor Society.  Current members spoke on the values of the NHS which the inductees swore to uphold.

New members are as follows:
Nicholas Akers, Laken Beller, Calvin Benson, Ming Hint Chui, Patrick Collins, James Crotty, Erik Degener, Matthew Draper, Shintaro Fujita, Jacob Gathje, Joseph Hitzemann, William Janecek, Ian Kim, Sanggyeom Kim, Kolton Koubsky, Cole McCoy, Cole McNally, Ian Miller, Alexander Payne, Benjamin Quinlan, Alexander Schrier, John Schroll, Joshua Snyder, Brayden Whitaker, Andrew Wilson, Harry Yin

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Science Teams: Awesome Results at Field Days


The Physics Teams placed 1,2,3 at the Creighton University Field Day in Omaha.

1st Place: Team Gold Foil
 2nd Place: Team Cosmic Microwave Background
3rd Place Team X-Ray

Team: Cosmic Background Radiation
Chalk Talk: Max Nguyen
Laser Aiming: Jordan Nguyen, Max Nguyen
Quiz Bowl: John Kuhry, Max Nguyen, Oscar Dong
Insulation: Christian Mikulicz, Jordan Nguyen

Team: X-Ray
Chalk Talk: Trevin Detwiler
Laser Aiming:
Quiz Bowl: Trevin Detwiler
Insulation: Devin Luque, Gerald Righter
Catapult Building: Kevin Zhang

Team: Gold Foil
Chalk Talk: J. P. Jensen
Laser Aiming: Gerald Righter, Devin Luque, Harry Yin
Quiz Bowl: Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng, J. P. Jensen
Insulation: Jimmy Crotty, Kevin Zhang, Allen Cheng
Catapult Building: Zane Li, Harry Yin, Devin Luque

The Chemistry Teams placed 3rd in both the upper and lower divisions at the Chemistry Field Day.

All Chemistry Team Members
Lower Division 3rd Place
Upper Division 3rd Place

Monday, April 9, 2018

Night of Knights

Thank you to everyone for helping make the
2018 Night of Knights such a tremendous success!

Videos: Talladega Knights by Tom Elkins
Fund a Classroom created by Mount Michael Students

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Triduum at the Mount

With students going home for Easter break preparations and celebrations of the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter were undertaken.   

On Holy Thursday six students made a full day retreat at the monastery including a celebratory dinner and the evening Eucharist. Bro. Jerome, Fr. John, and Bro. August led 3 reflections for the retreatants during the day. The students participating were Andrew Nigro '18, Dash Wedergren '18, Jimmy Crotty '19, Trevin Detwiler '19, Gerald Righter '19, and John Scholl '20.

The Good Friday service at 3:00pm was well attended as usual.

At the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, three individuals were welcomed into the Catholic faith. Leo Li '18, Jerry Fan '20, and Mr. Robert Coon the father of alumni Caleb and Conner Coon.  In addition Andrew Shellberg '19 and Lincoln Badley '21 were Confirmed.

Liam West (Sponsor) Andrew Shellberg, Lincoln Badley, Abbot Michael, Leo Li, Jacob Idra (Sponsor)
Fr. John (Sponsor), Jerry Fan, Robert Coon, Caleb Coon (Sponsor)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tommy Maliszewski '13
This week we have hired a new Director of Admissions for Mount Michael.  We had many outstanding candidates for this position. 

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Maliszewski ’13!  Tommy has been working with our students this year as the residential dean for our senior class.  He brings a wealth of enthusiasm and passion for Mount Michael to this position.  Tommy is a 2017 graduate of St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

He will be coming on board this spring working and shadowing our current Director of Admissions, Mr. Jack Pritchard.  Tommy will be taking over the position full-time this summer.

Monday, March 26, 2018

New Development Director Hired

Francesca Donovan

Mount Michael Benedictine Abbey and School recently undertook a search for a new Development Director. Francesca Donovan, MBA was selected to replace Kim Volpone, who announced that she would be retiring at the end of June 2018.

Francesca Donovan has been a development officer in the Mount Michael Abbey and School development department since June of 2015.  In that position she was responsible for managing the annual school fund drive, the abbey giving programs and communications for both the abbey and school.  She was also responsible for working with the alumni association.  Mrs. Donovan is a native of Kansas City, Missouri.  Prior to coming to Mount Michael, Mrs. Donovan served as the Director of Annual Giving at The Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City.  Francesca Donovan holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Business Administration from Rockhurst University. 

Kim Volpone served as Development Director at Mount Michael since the summer of 2007.  She was responsible for the recent capital campaign that resulted in $14 million raised and the construction of the David “DJ” Sokol Learning For Life Building.  Francesca Donovan has worked closely with Mrs. Volpone during the closing days of the campaign.  David Peters, Head of School states; “We are very excited about the hiring of Francesca Donovan as our new Development Director.  She has wonderful communication skills and works well with our development team, alumni and staff.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to Mount Michael Abbey and School is infectious.  Francesca was the ideal choice as we move into a post-campaign program focusing on the future needs of the abbey and school.”

Francesca Donovan will begin her duties on July 1, 2018. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The show featured Music performed by the Mount Michael Band, Choir and a student led band featuring Jack Blaser, Joey Recker, Trevin Detwiler, and Ed Wilberding.  Interludes were filled by the Agape Brothers Jacob Benes & Taylor Davis.  Tomas Weekly was the Master of Ceremonies.

The Mount Michael Drama Department's Le Cirque Du Mont Michel was performed before a full house with standing room only.
More Photos

Audio Files are available in Sycamore:  School > Documents > Concert Files > Le Cirque Du Mont Michel

Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Break Time for Missions

Over spring break many Knights participated in mission trips near and far.  They worked in Macy and Winnebago Nebraska, Schuyler Nebraska, Conception Missouri and La Cima Mexico.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Robo Knights 3-peat State Champions

Congratulations to the Mount Michael Knights Robotics team who won the State Championship for the third time in 4 years.

2018 State Robotics Champions
Coach Michael Williams, Nolan Huetter, Lukas Williams, Nolan Gottsch
YouTube Video

The general layout of a tournament is in two phases all matches are played 2 vs 2.
1. Qualifying matches: teams are paired up in a round robin style setup to play 6-10 matches to determine seeding into the second phase.  The teams are seeded according to win/loss record for eliminations.
2. Elimination matches: The top 8 teams select 2 other teams to form 8 three team alliances that compete in a best 2 of 3 elimination bracket to determine the tournament champion.
Our team went 9-0 in qualifying securing the #1 overall seed into elimination matches.  They won both matches in quarter finals and semi finals to move onto the finals.  After the alliance was disqualified in the first match for accidentally violating a rule, they went on to win the final two matches securing the state championship and a bid to Vex worlds in Louisville, KY in late April.  In addition the team was awarded the Excellence Award which recognizes the best overall team at the tournament.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mrs. Annette Jones (NCEA), Scarlett Wedergren, Shelly Wedergren, Dash Wedergren, Scott Wedergren,
Dr. Michael Ashton (Omaha Archdiocese Catholic School Office)

Senior Dash Wedergren has received the 2018 Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) for selfless service, determination, innovation and ideals that are changing the world.

“NCEA extends its sincere congratulations to all the winners and to all those who have supported the outstanding service and faith witness of these remarkable young people,” said NCEA Chief Leadership and Program Officer, Dr. Barbara Edmondson. “Young people in our Catholic schools are truly changing the world, one student at a time.”

Mrs. Annette Jones the NCEA, Washington D.C.
 presents Dash Wedergren with the Award
Dash was chosen from more than 1.9 million Catholic school students across the country. He was presented the prestigious NCEA Medal of Honor and Certificate on Monday, February 26, 2018 during our weekly chapel gathering at Mount Michael.

Monk Exchange Program: Dash and another student were looking through old yearbooks during their junior year and saw the monks and students sharing meals, playing cards, and socializing after class with the students. Dash wanted to increase the interaction between the students and the monastic community and founded the Monk Exchange Program as the first step in forming a stronger student connection with the monks. The Monk Exchange Program launched in the spring of 2017 and is run twice a month. Students sign up to go over to the Abbey, participate in night prayer, take a tour, and then enjoy socialization with members of the monastic community. Dash has worked diligently to make this program a success and he continues to add to the program to increase the connection between Mount Michael’s student body and the monastic community that makes the school possible.

“Dash is a true leader by both his words and actions,” said Dr. David J. Peters, Ed.D., Head of School. “He is very mature and kind, and he inspires others. In my thirty-four years in education Dash stands out as one of the finest students I have ever worked with.”

Dash is involved in a Gallup internship, Mock Trial, IT Club, Boy Scouts, Golf Team, and Student Council. He plans to major in Economics. His project centered around strengthening the connection between the students and the Benedictine Monastic community with a weekly prayer exchange. Each week a group of students joins the monks for a tour of the monastery, takes part in night prayer, and converses with the monks over ice cream in the Monastery dining room.

"I am honored to represent the on-campus monastic and Mount Michael Benedictine School community with this distinction,” said Dash. “The five Benedictine Values of service, community, integrity, hospitality, and moderation have and will continue to serve as a light to my path, and I am ever grateful to the monks for instilling these tenets in the students of Mount Michael."

The Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Awards program is made possible, in part, through the generosity and support of Cross Catholic Outreach, a Catholic ministry whose mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Cross Catholic offers dynamic programs and free resources to Catholic educators to engage students in faith-in-action service projects and works of mercy. For more information about Cross Catholic Outreach please go to

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is a professional membership organization that assists its members to fulfill their teaching mission of the Church and to lead, learn and proclaim the good

Congratulations Dash!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

State Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon team reigns once again as the Nebraska Small School State Champion. This is the Knights' 5th consecutive championship.

Cole Dorfmeyer, Riley Goddard, Daniel Davies, Temi Adeyemo, John Ackerman, Jackson Panzer, J.P. Jensen, Donovan Clements, Sam Peters, Gerald Righter, Shin Fujita, Dave Cormier, Eileen Sullivan

Medals from the State Competition
February 16-17, 2018

J.P. Jensen: 1st Econ, Math, Music; 2nd Art, Science; 1st overall Honors; Team High Score
Gerald Righter: 1st Art, Lit, Essay; 2nd Econ, Music, Speech;  2nd Overall Honors
Sam Peters:  1st Math; 3rd Speech
Alternate Honors:
Temi Adeyemo: 1st Hard Science, Soft Science, and Humanities

Daniel Davies: 1st Math, Speech; 2nd Interview, Art, Lit; 3rd Econ; 2nd overall Scholastic
John Ackerman:  1st Econ; 2nd Lit, Science; 3rd Art, Math
Shintaro Fujita:  1st Math; 3rd Econ, Lit

Donovan Clements:  1st Art, Econ, Lit, Music, Essay; 2nd Science, Speech; 1st overall Varsity
Riley Goddard:  1st Math, Music, Science; 2nd Art, Econ, Lit, Essay; 2nd overall Varsity
Cole Dorfmeyer:  2nd Music; 3rd Art, Math; 3rd overall Varsity
Alternate Varsity:
Jackson Panzer:  1st Humanities & Soft Science; 2nd Hard Science

First place in Super Quiz
State Small School Champions
3rd overall in the state

Friday, February 16, 2018

Ash Wednesday Retreat

The Distribution of Ashes
Mount Michael took the day off from classes to spend a full day of retreat this Ash Wednesday.  The Theme for the retreat was "Brotherhood".  The day began with the distribution of ashes and the celebration of the Eucharist.

The retreat that followed was divided up into several breakout sessions, Brotherhood of Self, Brotherhood in Community, and Brotherhood in the Greater Community. Mount Michael alum Eric Crawford '01 was the keynote speaker of the day. He spoke on Brotherhood and the Greater Community.  Mr. Crawford is the Executive Director of the Heart Ministry Center in Omaha.

Students partake in one of three break-out sessions held during the day of retreat

Monday, February 12, 2018

Senior Featured in EDGE Magazine

Mount Michael Senior Lorcan Jamal was recently featured in the EDGE Magazine in an article titled "Aiming High"

Photographs by Christopher Tierney Photography 

What’s in a name? In the story of Mount Michael senior Douglas Lorcan Jamal, known by his middle name — an Irish surname that loosely translates to “determined little one” — it is a name that defines who he is and provides a glimpse of what he may someday become. His determination has been an ongoing theme. Born three months prematurely — underdeveloped and weighing less than 2 pounds — he faced an uphill battle for survival from the start.

Lorcan grew into boyhood but never felt he was where he belonged until he found Mount Michael, the Elkhorn-based boarding school that he claims became his saving grace. Jamal might be the school’s best ambassador. “He wanted to go to school at Mount Michael, and he’s very happy there,” said his mother, Malia Jamal. “If your child is happy, you’re happy.”

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mount Michael Alum on Jeopardy

Mount Michael Alum, Alex Hotovy '15, will be a contestant on Jeopardy this Thursday afternoon.

Alex Trebek with Alex Hotovy '15 
Alex is currently a student at the University of Nebraska majoring in advertising and history. Alex's three older brothers are also Mount Michael graduates, Mark '03, Paul '07, and Joel '11.  Steve and Margueritte Hotovy of Omaha are his parents.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sophomores Rule Talladaga Palace 500

The sophomore class celebrates as School Champions
The annual Mount Michael Night of Knights was kicked off with a rally held in the Mount Michael Gymnasium, known as "The Palace", with a friendly competition between the classes.  In keeping with this year's theme the challenge was to race a remote control car though a slalom course.  The Sophomores came away as the 2018 champions!  In head to head competition they defeated the Freshmen and then the Juniors who had earlier knocked out the Seniors.

A great lunch of hamburgers and brats followed.   More Photos

Friday, February 2, 2018

Academic Decathlon Regional Champions.

Gerald Righter: 1st Lit, Art, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Music; 1st overall
J.P. Jensen: 1st Music, 2nd Lit, Art, Math, Econ; 3rd Science; 2nd overall

Alternate Honors:
Sam Peters:  1st Music, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Art; 3rd Lit; 1st overall
Temi Adeyemo:  1st Lit, Art; 2nd Music, Math, Econ, Science; 2nd overall

John Ackerman:  1st Art, Music, Science; 2nd Lit, Econ; 1st overall
Daniel Davies:  1st Econ; 2nd Art, Music, Math, Science; 3rd Lit; 2nd overall

Alternate Scholastic:
Cole McCoy: 1st Lit, Art, Music, Science; 2nd Math, Econ; 1st overall
Shin Fujita: 1st Math, Econ; 2nd Lit, Science; 2nd overall

Donovan Clements:  1st Lit, Art, Music; 2nd Math, Econ, Science; 1st overall
Riley Goddard:  1st Math, Econ, Science; 2nd Lit, Art, Music; 1st overall

Alternate Varsity:
Cole Dorfmeyer:  1st Lit, Music, Econ, Science; 2nd Art, Math; 1st overall
Jackson Panzer:  1st Art, Music, Math; 2nd Lit, Econ, Science; 2nd overall

Congratulation Knights!
Good Luck at the State Championship Competition!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fr. Macario from Conception Abbey - Catholic Schools Week

Fr. Macario Martinez-Arjona OSB celebrates Mass with the school and monastic communities.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Maximo Gaytan '20 Speaks at Rally at State Capital

Mount Michael sophomore Maximo Gaytan spoke today at a rally held at the state capital in Lincoln before an audience celebrating School Choice Week.   Maximo spoke at the rally previously when he was in grade school at Our Lady of Lourdes in Omaha. Maximo's talk followed after the Governors address to the crowd.

News Article - Omaha World Herald

Monday, January 22, 2018

Knights March in Washington DC

Eleven Mount Michael students traveled by bus with other Omaha Archdiocese teens for the Annual March for Life in Washington DC.    Representing Mount Michael were Sam Alessandro, Ben Beis, Thomas Janecek, Emmet Kenney, Riley Kruse, Armel Mignondje, Andrew Nigro, Adam Orr, Nick Orr, Patrick Collins and Patrick Fayad. Mount Michael dean, Jacob Conneally accompanied the group.  More Photos

Mount Michael/Saint John's Alum, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago addresses Chicago's March for Life 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

River Cities Conference Champions

The Mount Michael Academic Decathlon Team won the conference championship which was recently held at Duchesne High School in Omaha.  Congratulation Knights!

Temi Adeyemo, John Ackerman, Donovan Clements, Gerald Righter, Cole Dorfmeyer, Jackson Panzer, Dave Cormier,
Front Row: J.P. Jensen, Sam Peters, Daniel Davies, Cole McCoy, Riley Goddard, Shin Fujita

Academic Decathlon
Medals from River Cities Conference
January 17, 2018

Temi Adeyemo: 3rd Econ, 3rd Art, 3rd Literature 
J.P. Jensen:  1st Math, 1st Econ, 2nd Art, 2nd Lit 
Sam Peters:  3rd Math
Gerald Righter:  1st Lit, 1st Art, 2nd Math, 2nd Econ                                                

John Ackerman:  2nd Art, 2nd Lit, 2nd Econ 
Daniel Davies:  1st Lit, 2nd Math, 3rd Econ
Shin Fujita:  1st Math
Cole McCoy:  1st Art

Donovan Clements:  1st Art, 1st Lit, 2nd Econ 
Cole Dorfmeyer:  2nd Math, 3rd Art, 3rd Econ
Riley Goddard: 1st Math, 1st Econ, 2nd Art, 2nd Lit

Super Quiz 1st place
River Cities Conference Champions

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Grand Opening: Ribbon Cutting

Assisting Peggy Sokol with the ribbon cutting honors is Oliver Levy.
Oliver is a 2nd grader at Swanson Elementary and the son of John Levy '99 classmate of D.J. Sokol

Grand Opening: Video about David "DJ" Sokol created by Skyler Davis '19

Omaha World Herald Features: 

David 'DJ' Sokol Learning For Life Building positions Mount Michael for 'exciting' future

Living Their Faith: Benedictine monks impart strong sense of brotherhood and community

At Mount Michael, Campus and classroom atmosphere is like a 'mini college'

Monday, January 15, 2018

Runza Student of the Week

Dash Wedergren has been selected as Runza Restaurant's student of the week. The video was featured on KETV Channel 7 on January 14, 2018.